Health Care Worker Had Serious Allergic Reaction After Pfizer's Covid Vaccine, New analysis shows Moderna vaccine is at least 94% effective


There is concern tonight over efforts to get that vaccine out and across the country even as a major storm bears down and this evening the other major news the first report now of a severe allergic reaction in a healthcare worker vaccinated in alaska. She's okay and they noticed it in that fifteen minute window right after when they watch over patients. The worker wants everyone to know tonight that she is still glad that she got that vaccine. Tomorrow we could see major movement on a second vaccine here in the us. Fda advisory panel will review madeira tonight. How effective is that vaccine in preventing severe covid cases and could actually help stop the spread of the virus with the early numbers show and it's promising and of course that allergic reaction today. Stephanie ronald with late reporting tonight two days into the vaccine roll out the first report of a serious adverse reaction a healthcare worker in juneau alaska with no history of allergies suffering an allergic reaction during the fifteen minute observation period after the shot. The woman was hospitalized and given the medication. Epinephrine she was Feeling shorter breath. Her heart rate was elevated and she had a red flushed rash over her face and torso. That patient was weaned off. The medication is now stable and being monitored during the whole time She was she was still enthusiastic that she got the vaccine and the benefits. That would re that. It would give her in the future. Severe allergic reactions to vaccines are rare but can happen. There have been just to reported in the uk. The cdc recommends monitoring patients fifteen to thirty minutes after the shot the few of history of a severe allergic reaction. You should either not take this vaccine or if you do take it. Take it in the context of a place. Where if you do develop an allergic reaction. It could be readily effectively treated and it comes as a second vaccine toward emergency use authorization after. Fda advisors meet tomorrow if maderna's vaccine is authorized by the fda. In the coming days we have allocated nearly five point nine million doses of that product. The moderna vaccine appears to be more than ninety four percent effective and could prevent severe disease. Experts also suggest that that scene may cut transmission. The vaccine seems to reduce that even one shot of the vaccine reduces that by about two-thirds We haven't seen the full data on what happens after two shots. But i'm pretty optimistic that it's gonna end up reducing people's ability to spread the virus as well temporary side effects include fatigue fever and headache and are more common after the second shot and you take a deep breath for me today. The first wave of those files or vaccinations in nursing homes

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