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Well as you know game awards just finished. And in a recent episode we made some prediction so we cross examine those see who won the prediction award. I guess according to who actually won our thoughts on that as well as a ton of stuff that was revealed the game awards like some new games new announcements. We talk about obviously cyberpunk. it's out. i'm the only one that played it. But i give you know spoiler. But i give you kind of run through of what i've experienced a far kind of my rough score and what i'm thinking about it right now but there's still a lot to be played. We interesting patriot questions. We do what we gotta do just like we do every time and hopefully you do your job. Which as rate us twenty seven stars and more importantly just just enjoy south. Watch watching or both think much enjoyed this episode. let's get into Ladies and gentlemen. It's that time of the week again. It's sunday and it's a sunday. We didn't skip which to be fair. Thanksgiving last was a day late. We explain it. We we have been consistent birther over a year now all right. He's been like four weekends. Where impala and tasha's podcast going. They still uploaded. Yeah way podcasts. All right yeah. Real gamer hours. More like real gamer snoozing hours. God thank you waiting hours. And sent announced per watt jomon episodes sixty four. And i know my number by the way you know saddam me. I don't even know if that's a prime number. I totally forgot what the rule of prime number actually is. It's not even getting answer that. What is a prime number. Then i don't think chris knows either. It's a ultralights wichita. A number at all i know is if a number times itself is whatever that's prime number. Oh so sixty. Four is a prime number because nine times nine is not sixty four. That reminds anytime times. That's why i think of prime numbers. I don't know you know the coolest hack if you do like nine times to for example. And you don't know what that everybody you do that you count like. That's the one is a eighteen like that matt. Hack for all you kids out. There who don't know multiplication prime number is a natural number whatever that means greater than ones that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers and natural number greater than one that is not prime is called a composite number example. I'm already confused. I guess not because five is prime because the only way of writing it as a product one time five or five times one involved five itself however four is a composite because it is a product of two times to in which both numbers are smaller than four primes are central number theory. Yeah basically at easy way to remember that prime numbers are indivisible by liberty and justice for all yes rob okay indivisible by whole numbers i guess is such a thing. So she's not. Be there down with the american revolution. That's tight thanks. Prime numbers sort numbers. What's not a natural number. I that's what my question assuming. natural numbers is something. That's not like a whole number. I'm assuming like one point zero one. Three not natural number in mathematics. The natural numbers are those used for counting. Okay yeah when's the last time you guys actually like filled out a match. She like actually like someone gave you some math homework. And you filled it out and did like an equation on a sheet of paper at this point so seven years ago. Probably seven years last math class. That sounds it was terrible. Oh you had to take. You actually got to the point where you took statistics Since in high school. And i had a boehner far for teachers so i didn't get points to redo them stoop because i was just say like when we got our senior year The jtc course where you didn't have to take stats of was like hey you should take stats now and then i remember my senior year. I'm going to have to tell you that. I missed twit stream to this amount. I guess i never maybe. Once upon time something. I learned what prime numbers were. But i'll try like forever go for me. I just didn't stick with me. I just thought it was too. So i couldn't with you though prime members for some reason it's different one thing one matter that sticks with me is a parabola. That's like for some reason geometry where it got to the point where every where you had to have a graphic calculator or whatever and it was like i hated that dude like that was the worst like kind of like what kind of chart do you have a parabola. Make sure you get the tex- texas instruments ti. I eighty three right. And if it's not you gotta go get one. You can't take the course four hundred dollars. Calcutta mike what anything else. Nope you've been. Yeah i can't remember. I think it's episodes export. I sent my favorite prime number. Yeah but point is. We'd not if you wanna learn about math. You're at the wrong podcast. Hopefully sixty four episodes annual fee a little hack though about numbers times nine okay but we all are nine kindergarten. I didn't like high school. You have a real blew. My mind is. I wish i knew that. No way higher than ten with your fingers

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