Business Wars: Behind the scenes with David Brown


Business. Wars is a lot of fun. It's when i first heard that this might be a possibility. Someone said the thing about business. Is that quite often. We think of wall street or the financial centers of london nerve. Tokyo shanghai but sort of solis sort of dry. The fun in business is always that human element and so the founder of wonder. Which is this podcasting company based in los angeles. He'd come up with this idea. What if you could kind of go deep into the heart of some of these great battles like coke versus pepsi nike versus adidas or nintendo vs. Sony your net flicks versus hbo even before that. You probably didn't have blockbusters. Did you have blocked jason lately. Yeah okay well so there you go. So everyone kind of connects to these major brands. Right and in fact a lot of us feel very think about how you have apple people windows people. I mean we invest a lot of our identity into these brands. Will that i think is what business wars is all about. We're sort of looking at these battles between these titans. A lot of these brands that have become household names. And we're looking at it from the inside out so sometimes you get a sense of how. The ceo or the entrepreneur started up a business because they wanted to get rich or they just wanted to get someone's attention sometimes. It's because they want to beat the other guy you know. They think they can do computers better. You think about the steve jobs story for example is those kinds of stories and when we started to go deeper and started to do some the early research on the program we realized. Wow it's calm surprising that this hasn't been mind more. You think about the recent movie. What is it the movie about. Ford and ferrari in a way. That's a kind of business where unto itself and it's so cinematic and there are these larger than life characters behind the scenes and those are the kind of characters we try to bring out in business wars usually at six episodes over the course of about three weeks or so with two episodes coming out every week and each of them has about thirty minutes long and at the end of these six episodes quite often will spend another thirty minutes doing an in depth interview with someone perhaps someone who wrote the book on this particular business war or maybe someone who knows a lot about the industry that kind of thing. That's what business was is all about. How did you come to host one of the most popular business. Podcasts wasn't an idea that hernan lopez the founder of came with or was it. Something you suggested it was it was actually not neither a. We didn't know each other he used to work for. You probably heard of the fox networks. I think there's a famous australian behind some of that famous. Yeah well he used to work for the international arm of that and he saw what was happening with podcasts. Several years ago and so he'd come up with this idea. Well i used to be the host of a program on public radio here in the states. it's called marketplace. Still on the air and it's a national public radio style program and it's heard across the country and i was based in l. a. And while there. I made a lot of great friends and rub shoulders with a lot of really terrific producers and one of those producers ended up at wondering in la. And i had since moved from los angeles to austin texas which is why more met now. And one day. I get this call. And it's from one of the former producers at marketplace and she says. Hey i'm working over wondering what's wondering whether it's a script podcast platform and my boss. I told him about you because he has this idea for business wars. Would you be interested in talking with him about it. He got on the line and he said i'll send you over a script and maybe we can just Just wanna hear you talk. And so we started talking and he said well. If you'd like it we'd love for you to do it. And it all happened very quickly. And i didn't really know what i was getting myself into. I figured maybe this will be a three or four shows and so now here it is about to two years at a couple of months into it later and We now have gosh. I don't even know how many episodes out there now but a lot

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