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Focus to the beat melbourne. We begin with this fact. Some republicans are finally publicly breaking with donald. Trump's denial and twenty twenty plotting to overturn the election which of course has hit a brick wall. We're seeing more and more of the supporters that the president had the republican party. Start to come to grips at least slowly with reality. Take mitch mcconnell who you know hasn't broken with donald trump on basically most anything throughout these four years. Well this is news. He's gone down to the senate floor to reference the truth. The electoral college has spoken shoulder. Today i want to congratulate. President elect joe biden. The president-elect is no stranger to the senate. He's devoted himself to public service for many years. Also want to congratulate the vice president-elect our colleague from california senator harris. that's pretty standard senate floors stuff. The issue of course is not what he said but when he said it a month out from this election and now mitch mcconnell stepping up acting like today was the first day he could give that kind of ceremonial not. Now it's striking. We don't pick the timing around here. We just reported on it. But right before mcconnell's. Admission came from vladimir putin one of the few major heads of state to withhold a statement about what has been resolved that president-elect biden will become the president in january the kremlin had withhold the message because of yes donald trump's ongoing legal fight over fetched. They were when even vladimir putin is saying trump has lost. Well you know he's lost. That doesn't mean that. Donald trump will concede has not formally done that although he's made more and more references to the inevitable including this week's reference to the quote unquote biden administration but trump wants some sort of last stand in congress. We have more on that later tonight. Meanwhile top aides and even right wing media allies still pretending. There's some some way this isn't over. The only date in the constitution is january twentieth. We have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certified. Donald trump is the winner of the election. The president is still involved in ongoing litigation related to the election. Yesterday's vote was one step in the constitutional process challenging election results as we await. Today's college decision. An intel source telling me that president trump did in fact win the election. It's a very loose use of the term in fact Because that's false. It's not a fact and you have donald trump of course worried about the framing the presentation of something that he can't control because he will no longer be president. Axios now reporting trump tells aids if we don't win. I don't say lose. I say i don't win. Take that word strategy for what it's worth. Meanwhile joe biden has had enough. We've reported here. And some have even said he's been to diplomatic too nice about this. Well here's joe biden really hitting a no. We haven't seen before during the transition trump campaign broad dozens and dozens and dozens of legal challenges test the result they were heard again and again and each time they were heard found to be without merit. Court sent a clear signal. The president trump that they would be no part of an unprecedented assault on democracy. Now it's time to turn the page as you've done throughout our history to unite to heal coverage begins tonight with presidential historian jon meacham. He does unofficially advised. Joe biden from time to time. So we know that for context michelle goldberg from the new york. Times and sally kohn a writer and democratic strategists depending on the year. Good to see all of you a sally. I think of you for your political insights. And i wonder what you see in this moment. Where so much that should be. Normal ceremony The electors yesterday These you know these things that happen. On the senate floor has become itself imbued with something more. Because of all the denial. There's one way of looking at. Which is that right. We sort of had this sense of normalcy and now that's torn asunder and another way of looking at. This is that this has actually been the normal operating procedure for republicans for decades and they are showing yet again. They don't care about the rule of law. They don't care about the rule of the voters. In fact the only rule they care about is minority wool preserving What is in fact. A small number of economic elites in a small number of social reactionaries stranglehold on the politics in this country. And if they know mitch mcconnell's making a very clear calculus. He couldn't overturn the results of the election. So now he's going to do what he can to hold a stranglehold over the georgia outcome and and continue to whole country hostage. I mean literally holding poor people hostage right before the holidays not not giving any kind of additional extension of benefits and relief. The people in this country are struggling because he wants to help. Big corporations in the super rich that has been there rule all along and they're sticking to well. I don't say this every time we talk but right now. You're channeling a little mitt romney whether you realize it or not he. He was a republican nominee. I mean he knows he knows how to win a nomination and he spoke about. What exactly what. You're saying that trumpism is not going away. He has in his own way objected to aspects of it at times and also talking about the prospect of working with biden given sally's points. Michelle take a listen to romney. We need to come together and work together and work with the new president. Work with republicans and democrats. Have

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