A highlight from Exit Rich and the 6 Ps Method for Selling Your Business

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I wanted to find a business. My first business now age twenty three but also found was twenty three and along the way over the next several years i started and failed it several businesses mostly. Because i didn't have the determination for where without the patients to try to really again. I was always working someplace else. He decided to try to start a business on the side. Yeah i got a few pints. I made a lot of money but ultimately it really wasn't all it wasn't till seven years later that i finally took that step and became my own boss. I'll call for the really first time because there was nobody else with me now. One of the things. I learned over. The years is when you're thinking about starting a business a lot of especially in the technology world. I worked with a lot of start. Ups right now. Is it's many times. it's about caching. Now i've heard many people say especially in the mergers and acquisitions well they're people doing brokerage that you start a business with the end in mind. Start thinking about your exit from the very beginning. And i actually think that is wise advice when i sold my business after thirteen years literally. It was a phone call on monday. I think we sold it seven days later. I was not thinking about selling business. I was not prepared to sell a business and we did a lot of scrambling emotionally. Because it really wasn't educated. About what i had so i want you to think about what you wanna do from a business standpoint. I have a great guest. Michelle seiler tucker. Who was the founder and president of siler tucker also the author of exit rich on my show today to give you some advice what you should look for how you should be prepared and a lot of other great information if you're thinking contemplating right now because it is crazy. The statistics are down. A lot of people are out of work. A lot of people were thinking about this time to become an entrepreneur. Start a business so hang in there. We're to give you some great advice today.

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