PS5's Launch Year: Looking Back at PlayStation's 2020 - Beyond Episode 681



We make this for you. And it warms my heart to know that you'd welcome us in and share despite how hard a bit of your lives with each funny sad weird wonderful memory card to our producer red and our guest producers to you. Keep the show running. We simply couldn't do it without you. Twenty twenty was tough. I don't need to tell you that but in spite of it all i got to spend it with you. Okay gimme a pass on that one. I was gonna rhyme you with you and it didn't work so i added that it's not great. Denying there are so many great games to play though from. Reuniting elliott and meeting abby to learning to make games media molecule way from visiting sushi amid gar and many other places to hanging a sack boy and astro it was great to see old faces and swing through the city as miles was pure while dying and demon's souls well. I've had a lot of fun. But oh boy. I'm really like the ps five is gear and the ps four has got life left to play station. Brought a lot of joy to me. And i hope to you so as we close out the year which i'm not fond. I'm thankful for all of you and this family. We call beyond beyond hey playstation podcast podcast beyond episode. six hundred and eighty-one. I'm your host. Jonathan dorm that was my last phone for the year. I wrote it twenty minutes before the show. So apologies for the terrible rhymes. But i'm joined this week by much better than i have rhymes. I'm joined this week by. Lucy o'brien is love. Your rhymes i loved derives. A lot also had been a delight. I'm i'm happy to bring some terrible terrible poetry into this world. This year also joined this week. By max scoville those are real epoch gilgamesh earth. It'll be the final poem in my book of unpublished poems. At some point and ralston this week. Of course by brian altana. I thought that i was listening to jay z for a minute. That's how impressive that was. I was like is this a new jay z song. That's again with me on every what makes sense. Motorcycle is kind of like. Where is this going to help. That was definitely a roller coaster. Anyway thank you all for joining us. This week This is our last fully recorded episode of the air to to pull back the curtain a little bit. We were prerecording this The week before. So if playstation decides to announce some things at the end of the year because why not. We won't be able to cover that until two thousand twenty one so please forgive us. Gone freaking out. We're going to have some time off before that. But i figured we could spend this episode Alluding to in my poem sort of looking back at the great stuff that actually did come out of playstation despite how terrible of a year it was a before. We do get to all of that though i did briefly want to mention. Of course this episode is live and lucy. Correct me if i'm wrong but our best of excuse me. Awards are live correct. The the winners should be live by this point. I can't wait. Let's not pretend. When is this going up next. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah sorry. Our winners have been announced. Yes so we know who won got excellent. Yeah we know who won and obviously all the nominees were out there previously. I did. I did want to say of course Despite a playstation game not winning game of the year it did go to haiti's but despite a playstation game not winning a game of the year. What just fantastic showing for playstation games this year. At least three. I think playstation lives were nominated for game of the year. They won exclusives one in most a lot of the categories last of us part two was the most winning game less us Picked up seven awards. Which is the most awarded game from us this year. Yeah and goes to sue one best art direction. We give awards. I believe to the dual sense Last of us was including some of its words included the accessibility or that we had The sierra which was an awesome addition to our lineup of awards. Just a really great year for playstation games. I think even if one of them didn't win a game of the year from seattle still pretty damn fantastic of games runner runner up. Yes and i do. Of course want us to look back at all of the games that came out this year but i thought it would be silly not to start of course with the biggest topic. That was this year with playstation. That's of course the playstation five of it all. I was looking back at our old episodes and we started this year. We started this year. Not knowing the name of the console not knowing one issue would we had such we did it was. Such a mystery was so in the company that that wasn't confirmed thing at the beginning of this skier yet You know we started the year with the january. Cas reveal of the name of the playstation five I think still one of our most popular new stories of the year. We need you know i. It took a slow. There was definitely a slow roll in the first half of this year when it came to the name reveal and then merck sunnis tech talk at what would have been gdp. Essentially we got the dual sense revealed on a blog post on the playstation blog. And then finally a reveal of playstation five in june but so for the first half of the year of this launch ear we essentially knew nothing and so like looking back at. Obviously i think we talked a lot on the show of like. Manna can't wait. Till you have things to talk about. And then we finally did. It was wonderful but sort of looking back on this year. I'm just curious about how you all feel now. In retrospect of the rollout obviously covert notwithstanding. And how that affected their plans we cannot speak to obviously it impacted everyone in the industry but it it definitely for the first half of the year it was. It was weirdly quiet. We were definitely spinning our wheels on the ps five. I think it's like you just second ago. Where like if there's any news that breaks in the next few weeks we won't be there to cover enrolling. Hope there's no news. We spent most of this year of wears the news. Now we're like please stop pump. The breaks were good. We have the games. We have everything we need. Yeah i mean it's It was a in retrospect like We got everything we wanted and more right than we got. We got an awesome console. We got a great launch We've got tons of great games It was obviously not. It was not the smoothest launch There's tons of people. They're still struggling to get a console. Salat obviously a lot of issues with But to go that long with no news and then just to have the console now in the wild air quotes Is is really awesome. Made it almost makes me feel stupid for not trusting them but it's part of our job is to be like you know kind of turning the screws a little bit and being like wait.

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