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Nuts three to four five to one report. It feels good once again. Thanks for joining us. This is the space nuts. Podcast my name sandra gently your hosts dan joining me as always professor fred. What's an astronomer lodge radio new. I'm well thank you. we're both hopefully. He's in this day and age was tested on friday. So i know that as a friday. Okay we're talking about the The new covid cluster which broke out in the northern beaches area of sydney. At last count. There were ninety cases. And i think from what i've heard is that managed to holding but i'm sort of preceding comments because the state premier has made her latest statement yet. So we'll have to wait and see on that by the time. This podcast is out. We'll we'll know where it stands but it looks like they got it early in they've really slowed down the potential for it to get out and about which is great news but it scotched app lands. We guide to sydney to say a boys next week. That's Not going to happen so unfortunate but you gotta be siphoned. We'll catch up with him again at some other stage now fred. We have got an interesting episode this week. A very interesting episode. Because you know what's happening you you've been left out in the dock part of your job. Let's face it. That's how you left out in the dock but we are doing questions without notice today questions out notice so we're gonna bunch of audience. Questions he for all a whole array of people all around the world who have sent them in very currently and we appreciate that. And we're just gonna play them and see how it goes so Totally unrehearsed totally without notice. So let's get straight into it though not before we do for it. I must say. I tried to look at the great conjunction the other night and i was very disappointed because it rained poured here the clad was sick. You couldn't say pasta and we missed the the event now. I did have a look a couple of nights earlier and did take a photo but unfortunately my little camera justin have the home to get a real good close up picture of saturn and jupiter. But apparently you got to a look at it Last night i did. Yeah i done locally occasion. Last week when the moon and jupiter and saturn were pretty close together in the sky. And i got some nice pictures of that this was before the conjunction of this was on thursday i kind so the conjunction day. Yes the whole of pretty well. The whole of new south wales was washed out by clouds moving toward down here. in sydney. There was no chance of saving. Anything tweeted disappointment than last night. Though knowing that the planets were still pretty close together. I think still less than two degrees upon a look again. That was a sunset. That was the most beautiful sheet of clouds being lit from underneath by the sun. And that was a disappointment. Because i thought well we're not going to say anything through that that but it was so stunning. Tweeted a picture of it Because it really looked great but then at about how nine. When i knew that the jupiter and saturn were about to set in the western sky accounts again and then gone bill below the cloud deck. So we could see them. See them look very low down in the sky actually getting mixed up with the trees that surround property but Through binoculars it was just stunning with jupiter directly above saturn. very very close by I could just about make out. A hint of the moons of jupiter. It was very poor conditions because there were so low on the horizon button and it was

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