A highlight from Drive Customer Engagement in a Post-Pandemic World w/Raj Goodman Anand


It's at nine pm in the uk. And i must say. I'm a footing freshman from energy today. So it's been it's been good to jump on this call today. Brian and thanks for having me was quite to have you here. And we want to dive right in before we before we dive in. Let's go right into who you are. I personally professionally. Sure so A stop missing a father and a husband. That's just started this thing. But i'm the founder of goodman nineteen. We are a team of made english content writers. The uk are we saw success back and become grown. Really well the last two years so this business sold but business in the past which is a good exit for me and this this business. I'm looking to kind of grow. Further by strong. social mission. businesses awesome awesome. So what what does your current project that you're working on at the moment. Well goodman we are at the moment in skate up time so we have been growing at a half x. Ear at the moment so we beyond that sort of phase of rapid growth and that means we hiring a lot of people We are actually looking at ways. We can scale the whole bit more manages mid mid level mid tier manages show overall. It's a lot of Work to get the team set up an and make sure the bow to grow. That's awesome man. Great stuff so Tell us right now. What's your daily well. I thought About six o'clock As as as as father of at fremantle first thing is gonna to get get the door to i ready for your routine for example and then at nine o'clock jump on martha's call them typically idea but five to seven calls on zoom Either with customers or team members and you know my philosophy. Is that another kind of person who likes to work in the business. Look on the business. So i'm blaming focused on you know delegation You know it's about hug me. Scape further daily power. The team to the learning with the company culture really focused on that so we can all grow together. Yes that's great stuff. Great stuff so got that out of the way. So let's get this dive into it. Let's dive into it so so well i my question. Is this before we get going gonna talk about how to drive. Customer engagement effectively in the post pandemic world. But let me ask you this. Is there an issue that you see right now. Currently in jackson customer engagement What does your didn't tell you right now as far as concern right now that were independent. The answer lies in the fact that said before the beginning of this year a mindset boys dot. It's going to be an amazing year. We're going to go and do all these conferences. we're gonna go it. Customers shake hands we cruise deals but conduct comes endemic march as the u. k. Was it was. It was in march time. Remember and basically lock locked in because we couldn't go out with customers. The teams are working from homes for example there was no more office set of opportunities because we were all looking from from a place which was safe. Crossing a family's things changed rapidly and to ration- we had to be ready for remote working remote development remote interaction and engagement with customers. And that is the fundamental difference between what we have today and the future. Even if you go back to simple normality david simpson hangover from this sort of remote working less travelling in working from the comfort of off of your home using zoom and teams in septa. Really encourage that to happen. So we'll see that in the future as well and so thinking about how would you be going digital working overall. Okay so let's let's dive into that then so now we got there. How do

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