Why 10 Super Bowl Appearances Won't Satisfy Tom Brady

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Hey thanks for joining me man. Good to be here. Seth wicker sham is a senior writer at espn and he's covered. Tom brady since his rookie year in the nfl. Words with you. Seth you are. Espn's resident. tom. Brady you've been covering brady for nearly twenty years. I believe at this point. You're the first person to report. That brady was looking for a way out of new england back when that was on thinkable and honestly kind of dangerous to suggest in the boston area. But your piece out. Today ahead of. Tom brady's tenth super bowl in tampa bay with the buccaneers. It actually begins a decade ago back in new england. What happened a couple years ago. I was in tom. Brady's house and we were in his living room and he was telling a funny story about bill belichick. It was a saturday morning meeting before a game against new york. Jets and bella. Check was watching film of mark sanchez. Running out of the pocket rolling to his right players it is heels and he had a wide open receiver about sixty yards downfield on the opposite hash. So that's an almost impossible. Throw to attempt. I mean few quarterbacks ever would try that throw even fewer would complete it and the way that brady told it to me. That ballot check was just watching the play unfold and he was like just throw it. He's wide open. Why isn't sanchez. Throwing the ball and brady's little thought bubble was hilarious because he was thinking. I would never even attempt that throw. Do you have any idea how i would look in. Tried to throw that ball. And meanwhile checks just like can't get even more open. He can't get more open. Just throw it in. The way that brady explained to me later was very interesting because he said i see each play within my limits at the time. I didn't really see the significance in that statement. But when you watch. Tom brady now aged forty three years old and the entire sporting world asking how. He's done it how he's been able to get another team to the super bowl. I looked back at that statement. And i found a lot of answers in it was brady frustrated with ballot check. Invalid check suggested as much. I wanna get deeper into. Brady's thought bubble there. I think he thought it was hilarious. He he saw it as a defensive coach who had no bearing on the reality of how difficulties throw that ball. He wasn't frustrated with ballot check. He was like a little amazed that bella check thought that that type of pass would be so easy i mean. That's that's a john elway throw. That's josh allen throw mahomes through. There's very few people who could ever even try that and here. Ballot check was talking about mark sanchez. Saying he's not going to get more open than that. Just throw the ball. As kind of an indictment on the quarterback where brady saw it as you know something that was hard to believe. Couldn't believe that that his coach thought that a throw like that with that easy. And when you look at tom brady look at the arc of his career. He's someone who's kind of always understood his limits and by understanding them so well he's found a way to transcend them so those limits that he has this keen understanding of and that being this superpower. It is something that we can. Plainly see in contrast to josh allen and john elway and patrick mahomes and lamar jackson. These absurd physical talents. And that's been clear set ever since we saw brady with shirt off to be honest at the combine in two thousand but because he is also the greatest of all time without real serious dispute at this point playing more super bowls than anyone ever by far at to ask if you fully buy his explanation that that superpower is in fact and understanding of his own limitations. At first i didn't. And i remember. I was once in his house in two thousand thirteen back when we thought he was getting old. 'cause he was going to be thirty seven when the season started. And you know he can't play forever and he said something really interesting. He said there's nothing that will be able to replace football. And hopefully it gets to appoint where there is when i retire in nine ten years and he said it so offhandedly and so smooth that it was it went right over my head. It was a shot across the bow. Here was a declaration to play until he was aged forty five and he someone who has made a mockery of conventional wisdom. And so i thought there is no way when he said that that he was someone who learned how to play football within the scope of his own limitations. But as you watch him play you actually see it on the field. And i think that it helps define him as a football player because he can't do what aaron rodgers does. He can't do it. Patrick mahomes does these sort of amazing acrobatic throws but what he can do and what he's always been able to do is pick apart a defense and bleed teams to death. And i think that that's what he was getting at when he talks about playing within his own limits because he's so deadly an accurate when he throws short.

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