Chadwick Boseman And Viola Davis Grab Golden Globe Noms


78th annual Golden Globe Awards were the nominees were announced yesterday. For the show That's airing on the 28th of this month with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co hosting for the fourth time. I didn't notice this yesterday, but There were some snubs. Always snubs. There were some snap it up, Dubs Love is dead to me was shut out. Completely. I wasn't surprised by that. I get So I wasn't surprised because I remember. I feel like you guys weren't loving it. I feel like I liked the second season more. Then most people did. But eh, so I'm not. I'm not surprised because I didn't feel like it had the same critical acclaim that season. One did when it felt very unexpected, But I guess I would be surprised just because you think of the total Number of releases this year, which didn't seem like a ton. I don't know. I just feel like this Christina Applegate, especially and Linda Cardellini. They're just So good. There's like so much great. So many great performances out there. I get it if they were nominated in the first season, it's like, OK, we already did you let's move on to the next person Ma Rainey's black bottom, which I just watched last weekend. Did not get a best picture nomination. But Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis did get acting nods. I think that's accurate. Sure it was You know, I know it was. I believe it was a play, right? Yes, And it felt like you were watching a play. It felt very Like what? That's a weird thing to happen. But if you're watching a play, you kind of have a different suspension of disbelief. Sure, oftentimes than you do in the, you know a movie. So, but Violet Davis outstanding. Chadwick Boseman. They did a dedication to him. Also at the end of that movie, by the way,

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