Super Bowl advertising will look different this year


The Super Bowl during a pandemic will look different on the field, and so will the ads because of the pandemic. Some big brand names will not be advertising during the Super Bowl. Pepsi COKE Hyundai Kia, They decided to sit out this year and it's need room for a whole bunch of newcomers. Judean Poggi with at age says the ads will reflect the changes in our lives because of the pandemic. Scots, for example, let's keep this backyard thing going. That's why Scots and Miracle Gro want to give you a chance to win the lawn and garden. Your dreams. You even have diapers advertising in the Super Bowl for the first time with Huggies too. Potently goes for telling a story. What if this could change the world? A burrito? Yeah, You're so weird This year. You actually seem more people really engaging with the ads and spending time watching the adds more so than in the past. I'm Ed

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