'Unprecedented' What we know about the Capitol riot arrests


Also have new reporting tonight. Investigation into the capital riot with former president. Trump's senate impeachment trial now just days away. What happened earlier that day is. Abc news now obtains new video. Showing trump confidante roger stone flanked by members of militia group. The day of the deadly siege at giancarl. Here tonight. i'm what else we've learned about the hours before the riots. Abc news has learned this house. Prosecutors prepare to make the case that donald trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. They're reviewing videos of trump associates. In the hours before the riot including this video from that morning i brought to light today by abc news. It shows longtime trump confidante roger stone who was pardoned by trump flanked by members of a militia group. So hopefully we have this today right. She'll say we shall see. We don't know what the men were referring to and stone has maintained that he played no role whatsoever in january sixth events and said quote. I had no advanced knowledge of the riot at the capitol. These men near stone clearly wearing the insignia of the keepers extremist group known to have been involved in the capital siege. The same manner later seen in news photographs that the capital confronting capitol police officers house prosecutors will attempt to convince senators that the president incited the riot with his words and actions. And if you don't fight like hell you're not gonna have a country anymore in this video shot by new yorker reporter luke wilson. Some of the rioters make it clear. They believe they're carrying out the wishes of donald trump jacob chan's lead the arizona man who wore face paint and horns and who allegedly left a note on the vice president's desk toy matter time justice he's coming says that he was there because president trump wanted him there. He walked down constitution avenue and entered the capital. He was there at the invitation of end request of our president of the one hundred. Eighty two accused rioters facing federal charges for their involvement in the capital riot. Abc news has identified more than a dozen who have said they were just doing what. President trump wanted them to do like jenna ryan of texas. Who told station. tv t. I thought i was following my president. I thought i was following what we were called to do. Other alleged garrett miller seen here on surveillance video inside the capitol said in a statement released by his lawyer quote. I believe i was following. The instructions of former president trump. His attorney says miller now regrets his actions on january sixth and that they were a misguided effort to show support for

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