A highlight from Prof. Andrew Newberg, Professor of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at Thomas Jefferson University.

Scientific Sense


Newberg who is professor of integrative medicine at nutritional sciences at thomas jefferson university. He has been involved in a number of new emerging research projects which have included the study of aging in dementia. If let's say at other neurological and psychiatric disorders welcome andrew thank you. Thanks for being on the program. Yeah thanks for doing so calm sation. Today's a different. Why do you typically In urology and and diseases and i want to set the context price starting with the two thousand nine paper entitled religious experience. Psychology neurology You see it. Religion has served as a good influence on the lives of cumins since the beginning of modern man and a plethora of practices in people's ongoing quest to be closer to what they perceive scarred religious experiences particularly those that are transformative have often been described as long as involving an alteration in the usual sense of consciousness have to I have to say upfront. Antle is audience. Knows why. I am an agnostic. I am I'm generally skeptical. Idiots is and so one do obviously Get your perspective. And and we have number of experiments here that we can talk about. But before we get into the details of set the context for the psychology at neurology Experiences sure well as you were saying. I mean obviously if one looks at human history up to me there are kind of to that have shaved it. One is the science and technology side and the other is the religious and spiritual side. And you know certainly Again if you go back to even the earliest a evidences that we have of human activity in terms of burials with you know flowers and and shells and weapons and things like that. There's the sense that there is something beyond what we are biologically and that obviously starts to lead us down this path towards something that seems a spiritual or religious are i would venture to guess that there has never been any civilization in human history that has arisen without some type of religious or spiritual elements to it many times the the leaders of a given a civilization or empire are considered to be a you know descended from god's or something like that so so there's certainly a lot for us to think about in the context of the impact of religion and spirituality is had on human history so here we are now in the twenty first century where we have brain scans and we have the ability to look at our biology and a completely different way To be able to look at these kinds of topics anew and try to look at them not just purely from a kind of philosophical or theological perspective arguing over again. What is a sacred texts. Say what does the bible say. What are the punish. I'd say or whatever but But what can we actually understand if we use a scientific lens to explorer.

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