The Walther PPK, the classic spy gun that changed the game



Let's start off with one of the iconic pieces of technology. That james bond depends upon in practically every movie that's different from the novel series and the movie series but in the movies. He has a sidearm. The the vaulter or walter. Pk which is the one he carries. In most of the movies there is a point where he switches from the pk to the p ninety nine that would be in the movie tomorrow never dies and from there all the way through to casino royale. That's what he's using. But then it goes back to the p k. Now stands for police pistol detective model and you might think. Well where does the k. Come from it comes from the german word. Which is oh. Let's try this police. The police pistol criminal model. Oh boy i know. I butchered that one. Probably doing it better than i would. And and in german it is in fact pronounce vaulter. Yes yes yes. But in british and american where we say walter. It is spelled w. a. l. t. h. e. r. But the germans do not have a thaw sound. It's a it's a hard t or a d sometimes depending on what germany but at any rate so this is a very small gun which makes sense. It has to be concealable right. So it's a small gun. It's semi automatic. It's double action. It's pretty reliable. Yeah it's a often used in various law enforcement agencies throughout all of europe both the the Pdk and the p. ninety nine were and so it's one of those that you find all over the place in europe so made sets and in fact In the novels. I think he has a beretta. Originally in the first few novels he was carrying a beretta until a fan named joffrey are geoffrey boothroyd. I've clearly been watching. too much. Game of thrones wrote in recommended more appropriate weapons in nineteen fifty-six and fleming went in and made the switch and then furthermore honor jeffrey by naming q. After the character of cue up through Through the point when the original actor passed away. I was named them major. Both also you know in in the casino royal movie casino. Royale movie with Daniel craig the jumping way ahead but in that film. Apparently he is convinced to hand over his beretta to trade. Up to the vaulter cute. I don't remember that. Because i've more or less blocked that foam from my mind. I have not seen it.

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