MISSING: Jaliek Rainwalker

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Story that highlights just how broken the american foster care system is a young boy with a tragic past seemed to get a happy ending when he was adopted by parents who appeared to understand the unique work of raising a child with some emotional problems but his mysterious disappearance raised a ton of questions about those same parents and the system that put him in their care to begin with this is the story of ju- leak rain walker blue in the fall of two thousand seven of boy in new york state named joe leak rain walker is going through a difficult time. Delete is twelve years old and he's one of these kids where you can't help it feel like they've gotten just a really rough lot in life pretty much from day. One you see wind you leak was born. His mother had substance used problems with alcohol and crack cocaine and so as a result jalil was born addicted to crack. He was sexually abused as an infant and entered the state foster care system at a very young age and so by the time he was seven years old he had been in not one not two six different foster homes. Oh my god and not much change at such a young age not to mention you know whatever damage suffered in utero from the drugs like that's going to cause a lot of trauma it did. I mean delete scott. Some pretty severe behavioral issues that have manifested in violence and both suicidal and homicidal tendencies even at a young age and he's also been diagnosed with reactive disorder which according to the mail clinic's website means that he has a hard time kind of like building emotional connections with other people like his adoptive parents so he's been adopted. Yes so in two thousand two. When you leak was seven years old. He went to live with a couple named jocelyn mcdonald. And her husband steven kerr and they live in east green witch in washington county which is near like eastern new york and they adopted him in may of two thousand and four officially so he'd been within about two years

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