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On the government sponsored straight for Enforce it put but we've been with take longer than we have been three. This stuff, Young crow. Listen, here's the $5 like left and re elected. Deal with simple spring court decisions. Terrific with is a lot of the day. Absolutely so Everyone call us at 866594 Hope 8665944673. We've got an All star if you will All Star panel to talk about Racial equity to talk about the response. This thing's new administration's response to covert 19 and Chuck Schumer says the first order of business legislatively is for the form is for the for the People Act. That's right. Let me get that straight. I'm talking about voting rights. What about the John Lewis Act amending all of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. There is a lot that is on the table, and there's a lot that can be done in the 1st 100 or 200 days of the Biden Harris administration. Indeed, we're seeing that the vice president is taking a very active role. Very forward Roll roll. Quite frankly, one that we have not seen a vice president take maybe in our history. So I got a lot on the table today on Keep hope alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson. So please continue to answer that Twitter question. What do you think about this about the move by this administration? To prioritize racial equity to eliminate this Muslim ban that impacted Muslim and African countries disproportionately and You know Indonesia. Remember that's the most heavily Muslim country country in the world. Got a lot to talk about right here on people beleive 186659 for hope, 26 65944673 and I do hope that you will join me on my show on the largest progressive talk radio station in the country. I'm 68 a m central standard time Monday through Friday the Santee to Jackson

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