Travis Barker Is Reportedly Kourtney Kardashian’s Punk Rock Prince

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Courtney kardashian and travis barker are finally dating a source tells us. They've been casually dating since december and may have been neighbors and friends for years. First of all. I i have to stop you What is casually dated. You're either dating or you're not casual. Just just have anything. Baby bump uglies lang you've been kinda sorta seen each other like in the neighborhood watch weedy maybe taken meeting after party at each other's houses and they were playing with the now there's serious for sure you have to be careful about dating neighbor because you never want your man to think that you have been kicking it with the neighbor for too long there. There was something you know. Nefarious going on behind the scenes. But i mean take a look at these two up all they look good but wait isn't scott. The neighbor doesn't he got to keep it all in the fan community. What he's the neighbor. All everyone in the neighborhood is having a big love. This i think the crash into the cuban in calabasas because the secrets get stuck behind those gates. You didn't mean stays in calabasas not really not here on this.

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