GameStop Film in Development at HBO


Game stop is in development at hbo this show ottesen at variety a scripted game. Stop film is in development at hbo. The project hails from executive producers andrew. Ross sorkin of tbt at productions len amato of crashed and salvage and jason blum blum house television. The film is described as exploring populist uprising of social media day traders beat street at their own game turning the stock market upside down and shaking the financial world to its core. This is the latest onscreen project setup to detail. The ongoing stock market sag saga around game. Stop a feature. Documentary was announced just yesterday while earlier this week. A feature film adaptation from writer mark bull was announced with noah sentinel set to star in a major role. Mgm also recently picked up the rights to author ben metrics proposal quell the antisocial network which also dives into the wall street fiasco grant publishing plans to publish a publish. The book in the fall

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