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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportive feature. It's up to you. how much give. And there's no regular commitment just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal. Ignition sequence Nuts three to report. It feels good. Hello once again. Thank you for joining us. This is the space nuts podcast. My name's andrew dunkley. And with me. Of course momentarily is professor fred watson astronomer at for it and you just realized that power again She fell out when plugged into the introduction. Sutton there and i'm thinking. Oh we're auto fabulous. Well let's just keep going. Hey that's the way you do it. That's that's that's one of the rules of radio if something goes wrong just keep on going to do something else. Oh gosh it's a lovely show. One day when i forgot to to send my stuff to port. Douglas real real good. This professional we are. We're always prepared today. Fresh it really interesting stories. I'm tickled by this first. One which is basically the passing of a new law to protect sites. Now we do that on earth but this is to protect sites of significance in space history. Suppose such as the footsteps on the moon made by. Neil armstrong presumably the very first one. If it's still a And i'm guessing places of significance. We're also look. This is a an intriguing story as well the detection of gravitational waves using an observatory the size of a galaxy. How long did it take him to build that wanda and we gotta get some questions. From jona in houston and jacob in phoenix. We'll say actually we're. We're a bit light on questions at the moment. Maybe little binge. We did before christmas. Fred planned it all at and everybody's on holidays and letting their brains relax and just a bit short just a short. But that's okay. We'll tell you how to send your questions in a little lighter. But i fred. This law that i believe has actually been passed and ratified to protect places of significance beyond earth. That sounds like a fabulous. Id exactly yeah. It is something that's been brewing for some time. We have here in australia. We've got a very prominent space archaeologist by the name of alex gorman those one of one of the things that she pushes for is exactly this kind of legislation. I haven't spoken to alex recently. So what she thinks of this but this is legislation that has been passed in the united states it passed on the thirty first of december. It's called the one small step to protect human heritage in space at actually. If i'm for it yeah it is. That's right well you can see where it can joke because not once that one small step. He's still that. Neil armstrong boot prints are still on the moon the probably be for a billion years so until things just start sliding around due to solar radiation and things of that sort but It is it's basically. The intention is exactly that to protect the american and of course other landing sites on the moon because there are not just american sites that are russian chinese sites as well.

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