There Were Some Positive Developments In The Boston Celtics Loss


I believe it or not. I'm going positive here. I thought were a ton of positive developments tonight. Kemba Walker was awesome for large stretches of this game. They unlocked Daniel theis. I mean, I've been waiting all year for that Kemba entice combination to start rolling again. And I think This lends more credit to Titus actually being the starter on this team going forward once hate him gets back. I love with Marcus did tonight like a very inverse game for him doing all his Works inside The Arc in between at The Rim against embiid. He was incredible here execution late was definitely a challenge but you know, he didn't necessarily have a co-host enforce camber being within the flow of a game on you mentioned that him coming in awkwardly there after not playing the middle stretch of the 4th. And I you know, I guess you probably could have got more shots for Brownlee the game, but that would be the only complaint I have and even he cooled off with him. been after starting most of the game 50%

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