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To win a game this season Docks Wild and 6 30. We got tennis news and I was about to not play the tennis song I was about to play the horse racing song. Here's the tennis song. Well, this whole gaggle of tennis players in Australia that we're supposed to play at the Australian Open, but because of Verona, break out there under quarantine, But don't worry, they're not lonely. Because apparently, the tennis players that are locked in their hotel rooms are not by themselves. The hotel rooms also have rants. Yeah. Bc dependable TRAFFIC Hollywood The little one North bound of Highland, a car hit a tree on the shoulder of the off ramp down e Cig Alert. The 105 eastbound before Paramount Boulevard. Three right lanes closed to clean up a big rig crash. It's stop and go from the 7 10. Also, the ramp from the 17 south to the one of five East is still closed Industry, the 605 North Bounded Valley Boulevard. Large piece of metal is blocking the carpool lane, Pomona on the 10 he's found after Dudley Street carpooling is closed because of a crash right now, Traffic is stopped and go on the eastbound 10. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a M 7 90 k A B C Hey, are you stuck at home border stress eating? Do you need to get control of your habits in your weight before it's too

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