Suicide Bombing in Crowded Baghdad Market Kills at Least 32


We're gonna turn to Iraq to the Iraqi capital Baghdad because there's been a double suicide bombing there is completely studied two people and wounded more than 100. The attack at a busy market is the worst that the city seen in several years. Police and eye witnesses say that there were two blasts in swift succession. At the market in Tyrone Square, which was crowded with people Samir Club is Associated Press is Iraq correspondent and in Baghdad. How common is such an attack? This attack is very rare in Baghdad. The last time this occurred was in January of 2018, and that was shortly after then Prime Minister Haider al Abadi declared victory over the Islamic state Group on guard difficult. Lee was around the same area that the attack occurred. So it's been a while in Baghdad. However, attacks occur regularly in other areas of Iraq. And what are the authorities saying about what happened and he might have been responsible. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but Iraqi military officials have told us that they believe it was the work of the Islamic state group. Basically what happened there was two men. One of them created a bit of a scene in the middle of the commercial area that he was pretending to be ill. Crying out loud. That prompted a crowd together around him to see what was going on. And it was then that he detonated the best. Shortly after that another individual came and did the same, which is why we see such high death toll today, right? So really pretty cynical way to try and cause as many casualties as possible on does that does that bear the hallmarks of VIAS, then? Absolutely. We have seen similar attacks perpetrated by I s elsewhere around Iraq. The suicide bombing is something that they have have done. It's very much their style of attack. Especially here, and that distinguishes them from other groups. Militia groups who have perpetrated other kinds of attacks launching rockets, For example, at the US Embassy, It's It's a very different style of attack. What about the timing? Just one day after President Biden's inauguration of people reading something into that thinking that might be significant? There's a lot of speculation that dad and Iraq in general, there's a lot of tension leading up to Biden's inauguration. But that was mostly related to the tensions between the U. S and Iran that has played out in Iraq in the last year. Nothing at all related to the Islamic State group. While there was anticipation of something happening, I don't really think anyone expected something like this to happen. Just one final thought. I mean many people listening. Aziz say they haven't been any major attacks in Baghdad. And so it hasn't been in the in the headlines, and many people thought that Islamic state had largely been routed. I mean, this suggests that they're still very much active and a threat Is that fair? Absolutely. They're still a threat. Like I said, The attack in Baghdad is quite rare. But what we have seen is over the summer, an uptick in attacks and other areas across northern Iraq in particular. This is an area that has been historically very difficult to police. The Iraqi army as well as US led coalition forces have conducted many operations to root out Isis cells there, especially with the Corona virus, and measures that were taken to reduce the presence or the rotation of security forces around this area believe those areas It seems that that militants have taken advantage of this to launch attacks. But in Baghdad, this is definitely a

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