The Return of Mr. Fruit

GG Over EZ


I think we might be today's episode. Hey it's me the real mish. Fruit is back to be back. Missed you off. We talk about the end of the world. Where it's it's quite frankly snowing and hal texas is. We did yeah. It's just getting drenched on their blanketed with snow. Pounded that's hot and a lot of people are struggling as well as blue and all that's going. We talked about the well-maintained no direct this week. While we were very wild talked about what was shown our thoughts. You didn't didn't get to do this next episode. We never got the ball heim level. We'll get to that next week. I touch on some. I want vision things other entertainment stuff. Were watching the mortal combat trailer I suck it valance. Still and tons of q. And a. l. Thanh pelivan has massive nipples. He's bro like they touch his whole hugo. Ufo disc freaked. What were we talking about. You have to wait and see. Enjoy the episode Ladies and gentlemen. That's right this is a familiar voice. You are hearing the one. The only fruit is back in my absence. Thankfully we had more handsome men takeover so in their stead. I apologize for the very tough. Really tough thank you. We like struggles fees and by we like. It's just it's just kind of. I don't know how to like. Hey you're out of podcast now. You know it's hard for me to be like. Hey we're here. Guile is like a so go. Figure the switch off. You know youtube time when you're like you learn the intro. What i'm doing. And i got it like. It's just now i guess it just kinda came to me over time. I mean all my videos on the very first chain were definitely all ferry. Forced is abby l. f. Good old abol released one of those yet. Maybe i've done one reaction like my very first commentary. I don't even know what else how would react to these days. Do you still do those spinning wheel thing. What do you mean like for your chance on sundays. Well i only got construction thing back there. Show twitch stream doesn't even care about me anymore. They care about my ladder. Her and i was so confused. Because what will exactly. So one time i had What was i doing. I i had to just go like probably heat up my breakfast and i came back in. The cia is livelier than ever and just like ladder. We love ladder. Hail ladder might ladder and playing ball. Heim which will get to like like is it latter behind but like there wasn't any ladder you can see as i don't get it but okay whatever yeah ladder. If it's funny guys. And then i left again. I come back and again. There's like oh ladder. And then i come back like boo like bring the ladder back moo what are has. Spongebob like with the. And if you look you see ladder letter writer letter. Yeah a lot of weight. Can i see it one more time. I kind of see what our looking for audio

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