In The Room with Sean Clancy: Mario Pino


And i'm in the room jockey. Mario pino the fifty nine year old delaware native stands. Tall is the tenth leading jockey in the history of the sport with six thousand nine hundred sixty. One career wins for one hundred and thirty million dollars in earnings. Good morning mary. Oh glad to have you on the show the morning shown thank you where are you doing. I mean i know you take the winter off. You get on horses jaren up for your spring return or what's your status. Yes a matter of fact is the last two weeks of begin on horses like every time they have bruises on the turf at fall matters training center and Yup just trying to get back now and briefed about eight horses so far in Just getting my feet wet right now. Yeah so they come naturally me come back to your pretty easily mutate. Take some time off. You haven't ridden since the fall. But i mean coming back and working. Orces is just like the same old thing. Yeah it's like sean. It's like like they said riding a bike. You know i get over. There might be off on my not on a horse for five months. Threw me up and go and it's like natural. You know know you know grown up around horses like you and started when you're young and and You know like. I said it's like riding a bike. There's no big deal. And the other thing is i love it is self. That's a big. That's a big thing too if you love something and I love getting on horses. And i love the horses and you know it makes me feel good. If it's makes me who i am. You know i'm getting on the horse. That's brian then you're planning to go back to prescott downs in the in the spring. Yeah sean i'm just. I'm playing by year. You know it's They reduced the the dates. There you know fifty days again this year in Kinda like up in the air from going to head back there but That's my plan plan so far but it could change you know in I just play by year. And the other option would be mid-atlantic obviously delaware maryland where you've made your stumping grounds yay. No i i live in florida now. I've been here like living here for seven years and If i could this get back and maybe in march and gulfstream and just pick through two winters there and You know my life is like you. I stop do. I'd keep going on like in that middle. Make in that fine line right now and He's a great story. I was that's palm out as two week ago and I was talking to wesley ward. That's the only guy really get on horses for. So i said the west wing. He called me and said you wanna trying to get back. I said yeah. I said the little early but yeah come help you got horses and i told him situation. Want to try to win seven thousand races and i say well i don't know if i want to Push myself to do it. Looked at me goes crazy. Only thirty nine wins away. You have to go for it. It's just shame air. Let that go by. And i'm like you know what i mean but it is It's something i You have to push yourself to do you know it's not an easy thing you know. Thirty nine not doesn't sound a lot but it is my schedule. You know we me. I'm probably five months a year. You kinda tough so right now you know he says if i would say here you know can ride horses here and you know that's that's a big help Like i said. I'm just gonna play by ear so on

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