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To poke the bear episode 36 Tim Thomas episode. I am FM Aronofsky alongside Connor and a Boston Sports channel Connor how we doing heaven? I'm doing very well. How are you doing? I'm doing well. How's your phone bet? It's probably been blown up cuz a viral tweet did shout out to of all places The Cheesecake Factory was going to be would but rocketed me into superstardom. I thought it was going to be a Dunkin tweet. You never know. You gotta keep your options open and the opportunity was there the weekend having a rough time getting through his made on his performance. So shout for the weekend and shouts The Cheesecake Factory for taking that next level a couple of days on the twittersphere which doesn't happen often. It doesn't it's funny cuz I was I had run off of the halftime show. I'd run to the kitchen. I just ordered a pizza actually and Iran do with the pizza and I go to sit down after I had my pizza I got my dog Cirella's six head to get enough to have it delivered cuz you can't just have a medium Pizza get up something with of course the price I had the mozzarella sticks. I get them. I sit down, you know, I crack open a dog style of DownEast I sit there and I opened Twitter and I see that you had tweeted that 8 minutes before and it had like eight hundred retweets and I was like, holy shit long. This is going to the Moon that is ridiculous. Just the amount of who retweeted that the cat that so big so fast. I know. Yeah, usually a lot of times it's like you can tell when it takes off when my phone says lighten up like within 30 seconds, but yeah, usually if I have a good tweet usually Pete launches it P John feitelberg if you guys like that will usually give it a a good push choice for media. So but then it just started going off like I went through I was trying to keep tabs on anyone like big like retweeted it and it was like some WWE wrestler who I don't know off. Who that I just don't I would have went crazy if that is Sasha Sasha Banks videos. I don't know but she retreated me and was like two million followers. So Gabrielle Union, which is pretty cool. That's pretty cool. Which like she might have been watching the game with Dwyane Wade's maybe like she saw it was like, oh look at this and he was like, oh which like cool enough that? All right, Yeah. Exactly noted be a subscriber Dwyane Wade. So it's pretty neat. Yeah. The thing is like I have notifications if like it's a, you know, people retweeting it like a large amount that whole night a little my phone was just going off the entire time, but it's good for them to have when you when you drop a big and sweet. You gotta take a lap a little bit right? You gotta sell know. You gotta celebrate. It's funny. I thought your notifications off yet. My notifications are all on so I get every single notification. I enjoy it. It's a sick. It's a very sick thing to do, but I do enjoy just seeing all the the the notifications commit. It's fun to see what time We're talking about saying and like but yes that blew up that exploded that was tweeted the night by the way was a great tweet. Like I'm glad that it was a good tweet and it wasn't just like a two-word tweet or something that just like random a bloated like you've seen those tweets where it's just like. Oh, yeah, you know a few like a few cents or you know sentence or something that was actually like a creative, you know, original tweet. It wasn't just like you knew that that she take Factory resume so many people cuz let me tell you that the cruel irony. I don't think I've been to the Cheesecake Factory in like a fucking decade like oh you can't go out of time. I've been but all like, you know, you got a good treat when like all the the quote to eat. So like wage they really they really out running like the people that like apparently it is a thing that the Cheesecake Factory like I was I was debating between like Cheesecake Factory and like Rainforest Cafe or some like a secure like chain that you have to reboot Creek a Bugaboo Creek. That's the thing. Right? Well, everyone apparently was caught cheating and said it was Buca. Di Beppo is the new one, which I don't think there's any book of The Pep Boys Around Here. I've never home. Really apparently their hosts are well-known for just sprinting apparently the tape for all the foil Buca. Di Beppo Patron. Just listening to this Podcast May resonates with you. But oh yes, yes, but yeah, no, it's that that but then we'll tweet and just the it's fun in those in those those big events what tweets do well what tweets bow kind of rise to the surface. I was pissed though, and

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