Paperwork Isn't Sexy (But Its Important)


With me. Today is roz jones. She is the owner of a home health company. And we're going to discuss documents. You need when you're taking care of a loved one. And that's any loved one not to somebody living with alzheimer's but she is going to touch tiny bit on the extra ones we need for those. Thanks for joining me. Roz you are so welcome. You're welcome and thank you for the opportunity to speak before your community. You're welcome. This is not a topic. It's like paperwork is not. My thing is not sexy. Anything about caregiving is true is not sexy but it has to be done. It has to be particularly now in. A cobra has really shifted everything for caregivers. You have alzheimer's dementia. Whatever the case may be it has taken me shoe ship. Beautiful have documentation. If you really don't have it now. A lot of things are gonna happen that you didn't want to happen and believe that i just i know my dad had all his stuff together when he was in and out of the hospital right at the end of his life. He had mom's pretty much put together because she was in a care home. Like we'd go to the doctor. This was always frustrating. They'd say oh what medications are selling you tell me. You're the one described them. So i always had to make a mental note to get the list from the med tech at the carol. She was in so that. I can tell the doctor who prescribed like oh people. I don't need to know about the medication. Because the doctor tells the care home in the care home orders them. And that's all that's set it all up so i didn't have to worry about it so that's kind of how i handled paperwork. My husband is paperwork. guy is a real estate broker. So paperwork is his thing. So where do we start with documents. And how how should we have them. We have them scan into our phones as well as paper. Copies let look letter e all the above the more people that have copies the better and the reason why i say that is because even with the pandemic we still have hurricanes floods tornadoes fires earthquakes fires. Okay and and my client is in california's well so anything could happen. Anything can happen to where you get back to that paper copy or you can get to the computer or to debate the save wherever you keep those documents. Tell people now we have copies with you but to a relative that. That's you know or friend. That's not in the same area as you so if something does happen. Hey can you send me a copy. Email it and now in some speights facilities that's according to our ideal bracelet. What all your documentation in there which is good particularly for people who have alzheimer's which something happens in the middle of the night and you can't get in contact with the loved ones and all the information is on a bracelet so you know there's things out there now that That consist you remember when the id bracelets came out longtime ago to let people know that your insulin and it's the same thing it's the same thing so you know The paper i in electric hire. You can get it done. Get her done.

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