A highlight from 434: Eagles Monday Night Tank; Is Pierre-Luc Dubois Available? Joe Thornton on Leafs Top Line?


Steve one project. Done what philadelphia. I simply could not have done it. You got men out there that are fighting guts out trying to win the game. And i'm not saying up blaming anybody. I personally could not have done what they do. The circumstances absolutely everybody. Welcome to our show. Today we're discussing the philadelphia eagles. Monday night tank job the second segments joe thornton on toronto's first line really here luke dubois on the market asking to be traded. Could the sends be in the mix. That's all still ahead here. On the s w p it's all about sports and whatever jimmy and steve back ge again. Thanks to our members mike. Ns chris guy he done vast dan rutz and marcus bond. Bolton stern lady showed us. Do you guys anybody would like to be a member and help support show. Just check a steve w project dot com james. Stephen things are fine. I didn't find their pointed today walking around my house. I'm a mill minimalist stevie. Okay so i got. I'll send you a villa. My house i'll do do. I'll do a little walk around you're gonna look at my house score. Always always moved out. It's vacant okay. Yeah i i don't know why but i saw show on netflix. I think it's called the minimalist or something like that. These two guys and it was pretty good. It was pretty good. It's like okay. You're gonna go through your stuff and you're going to. You're going to get rid of stuff that has no value to you. I don't mean monetary value that you just you just don't use anymore okay. Right has no use in your life. Okay and people have purged right. And so i said okay. I'm gonna do that okay. I'm gonna go around my house. start my kitchen. You know those junk drawers stevie and So so anyway. I started on that little rampage through my kitchen and then i then i looked this morning and I must have been some sort of hayes. Stevie when i did some sort of days when i did it and so i went to pour myself a coffee this morning and i realized i threw out. All my mugs. She d puttering and then there's nonsense. Yeah start throwing shit out you know. They got nothing left in my house throughout chairs and mugs and all that stuff but anyway. That's that's what i was doing yesterday. It's a funny thing. How mentally and physically. It's not an intangible thing like you just you feel so much better when things are decluttered sounding like that What's a marie kondo. She's the japanese declutter queen or. Yeah yeah right. Right doesn't speak a lack of so. I'm not sure she could be telling me. I don't know japanese recipes. I have no idea. But everybody's with the translator going along with her advice and everybody reports all the time. Oh yeah things way way better now. That things are all tidied up but imagine being a multimillionaire by saying put that away. Throw that out. Yeah no kidding. And then i watched a watched the football game brutal Last night i was all get all confused about well if they win.

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