A highlight from 436: Ottawa Senators Preview; World Junior Review and Gordie Wilson Superfriends


Coming up today sends color analyst. Gordie wilson will join us. Canada falls in the world junior final butts and pretty thick silver linings for ottawa. senators fans. We'll talk about that by the way some shouts before we get started for our good members. Want to thank matthews adra. Mike federally owen. And morgan will anderson and j manet. Thanks everybody for being members if you'd like to be a member. Check us out. At steve w project dot com without further delay james. How're things like v. gordon wilson. The the the gordy. I know woody. Woody wilson no. Yeah i love what he he was my first girlfriend. Okay well gord gordon. Can i their yard gordon gordon. How are you buddy. Good thank you yes. Jerry knows secrets a newer. I'll tell you. I'll tell you about gordon. I love gordon into it already. We're right into it man. I used to gorgeous to let me hug him and stuff like that and he was. He was a fantastic. I used to lick the back of his neck and stuff after doing the show when he would come in at a remember that you're bringing back memories here and but i'll tell you what gordon when i i did started doing the radio show. It was. that's where i met you at. I guess it was oh. Sr ottawa sports radio. One al davis was was the program director and i was brand new. You know and the and the first show i did. Al invited me. And i i was. I was mc a roast for brian kilrea. And that's how i met alley came up to me after it was a riot that night and he said jeez. You gotta jump on the radio you know. You're one of my buddies. Kept bugging me on. Then he met and walk by went onto the radio on the so went in the very first morning i forget who the guy was but sort of ryan scott. It might have been brian scott and anyway i came in. I was super nervous. I didn't know what to expect that i was asking. What am i supposed to do that. Don't worry this guy. I'll take you through it and you know you just you just do whatever you want. You know sort of thing. And and i went in there and i said hey i i'm jungle gym you know and i guess brian goes oh okay and i was like well doesn't sound like it's going to be a lot of fun and he said so. So what's your deal i. Just i don't know. I was asked to command and sort of sit in and have some fun and maybe tell some jokes and he goes well. It's a sports station. You know so anyway. I'm in the fetal position and he goes anyway. We got this guy on today and He's it's jim is it. yeah and it was just. It was being being bounded like a boost and it just went down and down and the guy wasn't interested in it. And and i guess i find out after al calls me after the show i go into the office. I'm just drained. I'm like this is the worst experience of my life. Okay i got an house laughing his head off. I heard this outta go. Awful man is off because yeah well. A lot of these guys are always nervous about new guys coming in and they get a little threatened. I guess whenever we bring people in which it was so he said we're going to try some other guys with you and he said tomorrow afternoon You're going to sit in with with gord wilson. Okay gorge you. You're doing some hosting of the afternoon show is a great guy. And you're gonna love me. I know of gordon from from the sense and and then you came in and we're laughing like a three six days great to meet you. Jimmy can't wait to do this. And don't worry about things and and look after this and i just felt like ten million times better you know how nice you were and gordy the the best straight man ever okay because my wife was pregnant at the time and late interpol costs. You're not bringing this story for sure. Guardian for sure. Okay so something. She's late in pregnancy.

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