Turnovers Doom Saints in 30-20 NFC Divisional Playoffs Loss to Bucs

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Bill. I just want to dive into it here. Because there's a lot to get to after watching the bucks. Beat the saints. Thirty to twenty so new orleans had been in tampa bay twice this season in week. One about four hundred years ago and then again in november. So what was the difference in this game vs those other two. I really simple pablo the saints. Just didn't protect the football. In the two regular season games between these teams the saints won the turnover battle. Both times there are plus three in the week one victory and then one up in the rematch. Tom brady threw five picks across those two games. Only seven in his other fourteen games. That really felt like the saints had his number and they were gonna have to flip that to win in new orleans. Well they flipped. It didn't turn the ball over the saints coughed up. Four times including three interceptions drew brees. The bucks turned the first few takeaways and two touchdowns and use the fourth to wrap up the game and kneel down. It's virtually impossible to win a playoff game. That sort of margin the saints will just sloppy in this game. Mean breeze could have thrown four or five picks. He threw an awful interception under pressure for the first one and on the same page with alvin kamara on a scene route for the second interception. The third bounced off jared cook. Who also fumbled away a completion on a drive where the saints were looking at. Go up to scores. They lost the ball and proceeded to give up seventeen unanswered points to end their season. So clearly the bucks had a formula of sorts for stopping breeze in it seemed like every aspect of this game. But it's not just that they stopped him instead. They made him look straight up terrible really often and i'm wondering how did they do that to that degree. Well i really think that todd bowles bucks defense. Look the tape from last week's game against the bears look how drew brees was playing. Look at how pal those receivers were moving and just didn't think there was anybody in that lineup who could reliably win against man coverage or beat them down field with their speed. This was especially true. After the saints lost deonte harris who had two long punt returns early in this game to a neck injury the saints did get a long touchdown but it was not with brees on the field. It was the lone snap for one jameis winston who came in and use the same trick. Play the bears ran against them last week. For a long touchdown coming across his sanders they handed to them. Refers goes to jameson mega man. Wide open trade smith at the twenty five fifteen ten five and a touchdown saints and jameis winston. What a touchdown pass against his former overall when breeze on the field it was pretty clear at the game plan was to dare him and his receivers to try and take shots towards the sidelines and get downfield and the game plan worked the bucks used heavy doses of twists and stunts upfront create pressure and then just smothered breezes receivers. I honestly it really felt the only reason. Sean payton didn't bench breeze for winston on the last drive. The game is because it was probably a last few snaps of drew brees his career.

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