A highlight from Episode 59: Quick Tip: The Importance of Niching Down in your Beauty Business


Twenty. Twenty one is awesome for you answer today we talking about reaching and people say niche niece. I obviously say niche but either way it's an important topic so we're talking about missing from a marketing perspective. So odds are if you are not experiencing the growth in your business that you would like as probably because of two reasons visibility and value meaning that you are unseen or unknown or the eu are not able to convey the value of your services. And as i work with permanent makeup artist helping them to get more clients and visibility. This is one of the first things that comes up so as i urge them to me down to get more visibility. There's a lot of resistance. Many permanent makeup artist are multi passionate. And they wanna serve everyone with almost everything and it's awesome that you have all these passions are same way but when you start marketing your business you want to be known for one main thing and then you can expand so the idea of narrowing ones focus is scary to most professionals right because you might be thinking that will be remitting you versus actually expanding your business but wrangler half a focused area of expertise. What i call your signature service and it's easier to get known right. It's not to say that you don't do other services but you are marketing your strength so most of the brands that you follow or people ritchie light. They became maryland for women's thing. I mastered it and then expanded to other things. So let me ask you to think of a permanent makeup artists that you follow when i say hair stroke eyebrows. Who comes to mind for you. When i say hombre eyebrows or eyeliner. Who do you think of about areola restoration in repatriation of a special artists. Odds are you to write and you other things. Of course they do but they got most known for that one thing. And that's what they showcase for marketing and then expanded to other things now. Let's take some other examples like starbucks. That's fantastic example. They're known for coffee but they also sell croissants and wrexham's and even t but they're known for coffee i by amazon's sales almost everything but these started with just books. Zappa's started with just shoes so these brands and even people that you might follow celebrities ellen. Degeneres started out as a comedian and became an actress. And now talk. Show hosts are all examples of michigan. Down started with at one focus. I was more powerful. A bucket of water or a fire. Hose like that stream of water right a light or laser focused. You wanna be a jack of all trades master of none. You probably have heard the expression you can do anything but it's not wise to do everything so many permanent makeup artists are doing a lot of things with no results rebounding from thing to thing right they here of the new training or technique and go do it and the same is true with marketing. So again if you're not getting the gross of your business it's likely because you're bouncing from thing to thing right instead of really mastering and that one so you're not able to get the traction it's at perpetual hustle mode instead of that focused momentum right if you're constantly rethinking which be focusing on today. That's about one right. It means that you haven't got clarity for your business model of growth or never identified the core pieces that are gonna move your business forward and there's no judgment we all go through that right. I just want to point it out so that you have to get crystal clear on the critical pieces that are going to move your business. Forward the cars with the right business model. Your business will grow bigger and faster. More importantly you'll go more efficiently so shing is about that targeted. Focus with your marketing. So the goal was marketing is to help stand out. Not blinded and niching israeli That known person neck first person that comes to mind that go to person. That's key right. If you're trying to build a sought out business and personal brand needs to uncover your uniqueness so asked him essential questions. What is it that you do that. No one else to copy and no one else can do right. What is that. Were in core that usov right how you do it with your solution. Then you can create a business model and marketing messages. Your perfect audience of people have that problem and remember how you talked to twenty or thirty year. old about. Their problem is going to be different than how you speak to a forty or fifty year old with similar but different concerns right. Hopefully you know that already more more targeted. You are in focused with your brand services and your marketing message than you're more successful. You will be definitely at the beginning so that when people think of that problem think of you as the solution for the day is what is the one core problem that you saw in one word. Thank you for listening to another episode of the beauty marketing. Simplify podcast and if you enjoy today's episode we would love to hear from you. Make sure you subscribe download and also leave us a review. Let us know any topics that you would like to hear about and also differently referred to a friend thank you again for joining us on signing off. This is april with britain. Grace hudson high. Fine

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