Episode 162: By Design



It's a promise. We all cling to. It gives us hope and courage. It tells us things will get better. At least that's what we'd like to believe. And there are countless fairy tales. That tell us that it's possible. The original beauty and the beast legend is a story about a young woman whose family has lost everything only to be sent to live in a castle of a strange reclusive monster as punishment for her father's theft the tail. We learned that both beauty and the beast have challenges to overcome and together they find hope in the native american folk tale called the bird lover. We meet a widow at the end of her proverbial rope. She's lost her husband and his raising her two children through sickness and poverty wondering if hope is something she will ever feel again. After meeting a strange talking bird that turns out to be a powerful spirit the widow's daughter miranda falls in love with him and the pair eventually fly off into the sunset with manda transformed into a bird rather than the bird becoming human but despite the differences. It's the hopeful ending. We've all come to expect. And while most of us have heard of james and the giant peach few in western culture know about the older japanese folk tale of momo. Taro the peach boy in the story momo. Taro was discovered as an infant floating down a river inside a peach but as he grows up. He gathers a party faithful friends and together. They kill japanese demons known as oni before returning home to live happily ever after of course very tales us dream of a better life teaching us that brighter days lay ahead but where there is light. There are also shadows where there are people. There are problems and wherever there are stories of happiness. There are also tales of the darker sides of life because the deeper you delve into history. The more it reveals a painful truth not everything that's enchanted

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