Inslee warns of new Washington restrictions


In the state. They will remain under current restrictions until at least January 25th comas, Nick popping reports that some counties are worried about being group with other counties if their case counselor better than theirs. He spoke with Snohomish County executive Dave Summers. So Summers knows that quelling the pandemic is a group effort. We understand that we are Connected by businesses and transportation networks and just the families across borders. You know, it's ah, natural flow for us to work with King and Pierce. Katie Curtis was Snohomish Health District says It makes good sense to be grouped like this because of the proximity and how much those businesses are intertwined Lot of our hospital systems. Um, are kind of spanning across those county Porter's anyways. But if push comes to shove, insta Home ish start seeing success like they did earlier in the pandemic. We would also be watching to see how this impacts numbers County. But right now, the hope is that all these counties continue to keep following these safety protocols and hopefully increase vaccine distribution, the county says. Based on current projections. The county will likely run out of doses before the end of next week, until significant changes and increases take place not only for the state of Washington, but for Snohomish County as well, Nick problem Come on yours. Record surge in

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