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Your door. Don't wanna says nearly 300 people involved in the riots have already been identified it slow on the 2 10 in Pasadena. Eastbound delays. You're backing up, leaving the 1 34 freeway taking you ahead all the way to Azusa. You've got a couple pockets of slowing ahead more delays in upland from baseline to the 15, Michael Brian Scott Riverside K a Pie in the sky sponsored by injury, attorney Superwoman. Super lawyer dot com. It's a big problems here. Angel 91 eastbound just approaching central heading into downtown Riverside, too. Right lanes are blocked, and they're saying at least another 30 minutes on this. Immediate backup is almost a Van Buren and I got to tell you in just another mile or so you're gonna be on the brakes all the way from the 55 for the most place looks like also that North downside of the 57 on the brakes there from Tiner Cannon up to 60 merge 60 westbound at Seventh Avenue. They're just growing out of the car pool lane that's still extra tight out of Roland Heights, injured in an accident. Is a superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien K F I n the sky Hey, A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm

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