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Trump, Inc.


Have the legal muscle behind me. That the washington post has so i gave up on just i would even be approved for expedited processing. And it's now been over a year to get responses on some really basic stuff so like dave. I was looking at money being spent there. But also communications involving the hotel were they recommending people. Stay there you know. There was some rumors early on that the state department was recommending foreign dignitary. Stay at the trump hotel. And i want to find out about that. I think our focus is going to shift a little bit in the next year. We will continue to focus too on the business. I think it's a really interesting story to see how it it gets out of this predicament. If it does. But i'm really going to be focused on the legal proceedings all these different legal proceedings against trump in his company. How does he find those off. What are those mean. And where does he ended up if he don jr. Ivanka are going to run for president again. In two thousand twenty four how these legal proceedings and the fate of their business affect them in the meantime who are they going to be twenty twenty three or twenty twenty four because of what. They've had to go through. So i've been reflecting on 'em last huge moment of crisis for donald trump nineteen eighty nine hundred ninety one. His casinos were failing. And you know the banks. Were walking away from him. You know mainstream. American banks walked away after that. It's sort of amazing to me. The number of banks that you know hung on for another thirty years and i've been reflecting on sort of what are the differences between that moment in this moment and As one does. I went back to the first edition of wayne. Barrett's biography trump the deals and the downfall in he describes this moment where donald trump's press agent gets wind of the title and what barrett rights and his introduction to. That edition is that donald trump's wife quote is a tragedy that may yet require an epilogue as donald's new press agent call to warn me eve of publication trying to persuade me to delete the use of the word downfall the title of this book trump. He said we'll make a comeback. So i'm wondering what do you guys think it's possible i mean he's done it. Before repeatedly he took his father's money and leverage that into a whole bunch of investments. That didn't work out. And kind of bottomed out there. And then he leveraged american pop culture and was able to write the apprentice into things like trump university and trump steaks in trump the board game and that sorta seemed like it was going down trump. The presidency yeah well next host was the gop which he leveraged into the presidency and kept things going and now that's winding down and you have heard it described as a parasite looking for a host right now. I'm of two minds on this. One thing that trump has always benefited from was he would fail in one arena and then find a new arena and when she was not known he was known only for good things and not for bad things so like basically always looking for a new audience after new york city understood. Him and people in new york city. Didn't want to deal with any move to atlantic city. After he didn't work then he moved to television. After the apprentices rating started to fade into politics so there are not many corners of the world left. who don't understand donald trump. I don't understand how he works. So there's not much virgin territory for him. That's one reason to be pessimistic about his prospects but

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