Pro-Trump mob storms the US Capitol, touting 'Stop the Steal'

The Briefing


And four people have died in the ransacking of the us congress so we've seen unprecedented violence and chaos in washington overnights. Donald trump supporters invaded the. Us capitol building. They were trying to stop. The confirmation of joe biden as the next president schools of them broke into the building and roamed the corridors of congress. One female trump supporter was shot. Dead by police. Three others died in what were called medical emergencies. Tens of thousands more gathered outside. They were backing. The president's false claims of election victory he deli told the crowds to stop the steel alloy. Us said it's a ben. Reilly smith scott a full recap of how events on folded. It was adult day for american democracy. Then we've got two pieces of analysis. Tim stanley on how the republicans and now the policy of chaos and rosa print sauce. Can the us heal from these shameful scenes. What's next then well. Us cavernous officials have reportedly discussing ways to remove the president. You can follow all the action in our live

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