Man photographed in Pelosi’s office identified as Arkansas Trump supporter

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for President Trump's resignation authorities air trying to find the rioter who was photographed with his feet on her desk. From member station K. You A F. Susanna Cytotec reports that the man has been linked to a small town in Arkansas called Grab it grab it. Mayor Kurt Matics issued a statement after local and national media identified Richard Barnett as the man in the photograph. He says. People have flooded the city's social media pages with messages grab it. Police have received numerous phone calls, and a family who lives at Bar Nets. Former address has been threatened so the police had asked them tow. Maybe stay somewhere else that night just to be safe till we could clear this up. We're putting extra patrols in that area and, of course around the city to Maddox described grab it residents as salt of the earth, people who do not condone violence riding or breaking the law.

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