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I'd love to do. We're going to deeper into linked jan and how you've been leveraging in using it because what we're saying to people is look leave untapped opportunity on link jin to really take the time now to build those connections because the seeds that you start to so now i going to come as you develop a nurture that just like farming going to seed and sprout and what you do now is going to impact many months down the track which is cost. Scott is what happened she you but before we move on sometimes we do need to plow that field a little bit talk about some of the ways that you overcame some of those obstacles new sites. Actually you'll superpower because sometimes when we are sitting in that situation off want now. Everything feels and seems hopeless. We're not able to take on any new learnings. That really could be the solution to moving forward because what happened to you. of course. it's taken that trajectory in a whole other area. Which now you'll specializing in. So what are a few words of advice some insights maybe around becoming obstacles that that becomes a superpower being resilient and that that can sort of late to successes and then i think jive deeper into to the link. Jim but what are some Insights you wanna share here. Well it actually. It all came about two different things so just four and a half years ago. I filed for personal bankruptcy. And i am i i. I don't believe you can go any lower. The net point now to preface. That i had a successful coaching practice. I had a successful online wellness practice but the gym was failing. It was losing about three thousand dollars a month. I was the personal guarantor of the lease and for business owners. That don't know what that means. When you're the personal guarantor of the lease your financially responsible for every dollar. It's owed on that least whether it succeeds or fails and that was about four hundred and fifty thousand dollars of liability debt. That was in my name. And i met with my business attorney and he said listen. You got two choices. You can continue having your two successful businesses fund. You're failing one or you can file for personal. Bankruptcy have cleaned sate slate and start your life now and when he painted that picture for me. There was no hesitation. A lot of people. That may be here that they're like all my guide. I might be faced with filing for bankruptcy. I didn't hear your life is going to be over. I heard your life is about to begin. Because this emory this was my opportunity over an eighteen year period that i was finally able to start doing things on my own my own way painting the picture that i wanted to paint carving the path that i wanted to carve people think that life is a straight line. Life is not a straight line there. Are you know again. We're in a very unprecedented time rate now in globally a lot of people have. There's been a lot loss. There's been lives lost. There's been Relationships lost there's been memories and precious time with loved ones that are lost but again we've all been through our own form of personal pandemics whether it's divorce whether it's bankruptcy whether it's cutting ties with family member whatever it is but the one thing that always kept me going was knowing that i couldn't control anything that has happened. Can't control it. It's early in the past. And i can't worry too much about the future because it hasn't happened yet and remember reading. A book called the power of now by eckhart totally and he talks about just and and this is m read. This is my the foundation. That i always come back to whenever there's a wall kicking moment whenever there's a hiccup with something that's going on. He says in this book. There's three types of people there's people that live in anxiety there's people that live in fear and there's people that live in peace. The people that live in anxiety are the ones that are constantly replaying the tapes of their past that are keeping them where they don't want to be the people that in fear are the ones that are so fearful of. What has it happened yet. They are paralyzed with what's going on right now. And then there's the people that live in peace and the people that live in peace are the ones that are living in the time period. That is the only time in our life that we can actually control which is the now the present moment which we are in rate at this time so when i started to think about that i knew no matter what was going to be thrown at me. There is a solution for every problem. And you hear it. All the time live in the solution. Don't live in the problem if it's already happened. Okay i'm going to work through this. There's a there's a way to figure this whole thing out and i had to remain grounded. And that is what's really enabled me to continue to thrive whether there's a pandemic or not it's allowed me to overcome those obstacles. I'm not saying that there is no emotional scars. We all have. We always carry around emotional scars. But it's how we process and handle them and grow from them and it's also allowed me to become resilient it's allowed me to understand and take conceptually know that no matter what the universe is throwing at me it's going to propel me to something greater and i look forward to those challenges because we are challenged when something is thrown our way and we are growing. We become better definitely and you being in the background. The jim knight building muscle. When you're lifting you tearing muscle a posh to make wine. You'll crushing those grades. And so to build resilience. You have resilience muscle. Guess what in asia guy challenges and obstacles to be able to learn and grow and because of that you'll now able to share how you you'll leveraging linking because that was something that the kind of apparent to you. Hey i can connect with all of these people. So what i've got. I've got gone in john beforehand. Is i have actually let me. Just see if i can bring this on. Looked you up on lincoln and they guy we've got. Your leak did profile so i'll go. That might be nice to have been. But you know you talk about the best use of linked into build your business and brand. What would you say have been some of the key insights. You've learned through leveraging region. Some of the how. To's that really have made a significant difference in how you have leverage in the outcomes that you and your clients are now getting through using this platform. So i called the layer cake of lincoln and the four best practices or best things that you can understand the way that i call it. A layer cake is because there's a big layer medium layer small layer and then a tiny layer and the big layer is your profile. This is this is where people get to know who you are and what you do and actually if you scroll down a little bit and maria on my profile you'll see under the highlighted the featured information rate. They're on the right hand side. There's an optimize linked in. It's it's a free download That i have where it helps. People start to optimize a pdf. That goes over the specific sections. And i always talk about making sure that you have a clear and present headshot you have a background photo that is branded to you. the about me section which is very very important and the two best tips that i can give you for the about me. Section number one Actually three making sure. It's in first person you don't want it in third person. Make sure it's in first person number to make sure it's two to three hundred words in length that is leading the reader of your profile. No here's what i do. Here's how i do it. And here's what i do for clients and finally a call to action. So is there a website you can direct them to. Is there an email. They can contact you out so if you go to the bottom of that you will see that. I put a call to action. Connect with me here. Reach out to me here. Give people somewhere to go. The experience action is also very important because the experience section. It really allows you to pudding key words and what people don't understand is there's something called seo embedded all over our profile which means search engine optimization so are linked in profile so emory if you open up another window and you just go on google and i i always do this with people and you open up another window and you just type in my name and you type in scott aaron One of the first things. That's going to come up with a google result on the first page is my latent profile. And are you talking. Yes and why. That's so powerful. So that means that you're profiles because microsoft obviously works in conjunction with yahoo with being with google so now when people are searching on google the redirected back to your page. So you can see rate there. My linked in profile is the third result on there.

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