A highlight from The Left is deplatforming all social media they don't like

Eric Erb Live


Show okay. I wanna talk to you today about something. That's really bothering me. Excuse me really bothering me folks. And that is The deep of parlor by amazon as you know parlor was taken off line by amazon. They had their cloud servers. All over at amazon amazon was run. The show for them They've also been d platform is far is. Google has blocked parlor and then of course apple is well has blocked the parlor app Of course and president trump was banned from twitter. And so what's going on is. The laughed seems to be controlling all of social media. Anything they don't like they just get rid of it. They get rid of it through the court system to see what happens is the left these these left-wing wackos pressure these big corporations these big corporations then again give in but they gotta have pressure and so how that works is the big corporations have have pressure from somebody or somebody has to be really pushing on him hard. That's gotta come from a congressman or somebody very very high up that has connections. And that's what they're trying to do their shut trying to shut down everybody. This conservative. Everybody on the right everybody. That's independent because they don't want an independent voice china's behind the scenes. Pull the strings for google. Facebook twitter and on and on and on china didn't like parlor china is going to come after all these descending platforms. That don't kowtow and bow down to what their narrative is and let me just quote something. This is from the la times this is dated going back two or three days on january eleven. Twenty twenty one. This is from the l. A. times and it reads big tex decision to ban the parlour app and block out the outgoing president trump is stoke into support for alternative Social networks Apps the bill themselves promoting free speech and privacy so and it just the article goes on just to say apple google blocked out parlor from the app app.

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