Interview With Cory Doctorow


Doctor. Wrote welcome to monica. Reads so tell us tell us more about the primus of tax service well attack surfaces the third novel in the little brother sequence at the first two little brother and homeland were young. Adult books about a character. Marcus yellow starts off. His very young teen who is caught in what amounts to a police state when his hometown of san francisco is bombed by terrorists and the department of homeland security swoop in and effectively suspend the constitution and all civil liberties and he and his mates form guerrilla army. Using things like hacked. Xboxes that use cryptographic secured wireless networking to outmaneuver the joss and eventually expelled them from the city and and restore human rights and civil liberties to the population and the third book attack. Surface is a standalone novel for adults and one of the first two are about people who are terrified. By the possibility of technology being used for oppression and excited about the possibility of technology being used for liberation. This third books protagonist is the young woman. Masha maximo who appears in the first two books as a kind of antagonised in the first book we meet her as a vhs contractor. Helping to spy on marcus and his friends even though she's of the same age and from the same background as them in the second book. She's a way bandit working to spy on jihadis and disrupt insurgent networks in iraq for the us government an enormous markup and when we meet her in the third book. she's just gone full cyber mercenary and her job is helping a thinly-veiled version of a company like the ns. Oh group to spy on pro democracy movements on behalf of post-soviet dictator so they can figure out who to round up and torture and murder and she has a reckoning with her conscience. She on the one hand has been spending her whole career finding ways to justify what she does Sneaking secrets out to marcus and his friends so they could blow the whistle wrongdoing or helping marcus escape from the da chest in the first book but by the third book she's really had to Devolve into some pretty self destructive conduct like helping the people that she spies on Defeat the tools that she herself as installing. And that's obviously not sustainable. And eventually she gets fired and worse has to run away from this post soviet republic and finds herself back in san francisco where she discovers to her horror that her childhood best friend who's now on a successor movement to black lives matter is being targeted by the very same cyber weapons that she herself spent her whole life building and while the first two books inspired a really large cohort of technologists and civil rights lawyers and writers and activists and security researchers and cryptographer offers who wanted to use their technical and legal powers for good and to stave off technological apocalypse. And dystopia this. Their book is aimed more at the people who rationalize their way. One decision a time in tech and other industries into participating in a vast confiscation of human liberty and human thriving in service to large corporations and oppressive governments and to talk about what it means to pull back from the brink. When you recognize one day that that you can no longer justify what you've been doing of course corey. That is exactly the situation. We find ourselves in absolutely i mean in two thousand eighteen. We saw twenty thousand google's walk off the job tech won't build it and tech solidarity and no tech for ice and other movements within the giant tech companies are not only organizing around technological issues but also around labor and environmental issues and and you see technologists now reaching outside of their bubble so for example at amazon the movement for justice there within the company spans warehouse workers who are laboring under absolutely ghastly and what should be unlawful conditions and tech workers. Whose initial concern was surveillance and climate. But who discovered that they could not make progress nor could they feel good about their movement unless incorporated the labor concerns of these people at the bottom of the ladder at the company.

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