President Trump saying today he wants to hold a farewell ceremony at joint base. Andrews before he leaves office.


Protective equipment, the president elect, saying his team is already looking for companies that will be ready to provide supplies for making the vaccines once the by administration invokes the Defense production Act. President Trump saying today he wants to hold a farewell ceremony at joint base. Andrews before he leaves office. Multiple media reports sources inside the Trump administration confirming those plans. The president's planning to leave the White House Wednesday morning on Inauguration Day, a few hours before Joe Biden takes the oath to become the nation's 46 president. The tail's still being worked out. The president's already changed previous plans. Trump wants a military style setting to say goodbye to members of his administration and supporters will be a live coverage of the inauguration next Wednesday morning, starting at eight o'clock. The Justice Department gives an update on their investigation today into Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol Hill while Congress was debating the electoral college results. Acting U S Attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwood addressed cases of demonstrators who sought to capture and or kill lawmakers. We have specialized prosecutors here working with specialized counter terrorism investigators looking at these type of organization for these most egregious acts, But right now again, we don't have any direct evidence of kill capture teams. Federal law enforcement agents identified more than 200 suspects that were part of the demonstration that over half of them are currently in custody at this point Disneyland Resort is canceling it Annual pass program. In a statement released by Disney, the Resorts president says they're in the process of giving refunds, He says the move is because of the continued uncertainty, the corona virus pandemic and its limitations. Disneyland and Disney's California adventure parks have been closed a guest since mid March, with no signs yet of when they could be reopening. North Carolina woman recognized as the oldest living, U. S Marine, has died at the age of 107. The Marine Times, says Dorothy Schmidt Cole died of a heart attack few days ago. The Marine time says she enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943 after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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