Therapists Are on TikTok. And How Does That Make You Feel

Ace and TJ


And as if tiktok wasn't booming enough. Uh therapy tiktok is now. Aiding the boom real therapists have created. Tiktok accounts and their content has just exploded. These are licensed doctoral therapists. This one's name is courtney tracy. She posted a video yesterday that received millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. So you don't have to go to the couch anymore and the office the whole thing you can. Now get their input right there on tiktok. This is her video about depression that exploded. They're saying i've had functioning depression possibly. Yes okay but what is that. Even i don't understand well. It's not a specific diagnosis. You have major depressive disorder as her diagnosis. But it's hard to tell you push through it and hide it. Well i hide my depression. Well it's not so much that you're good at hiding your depression but more so you're kind of good at putting your depression to the side and feeling that you have to push through life now. What about your good days versus bad days. What are those like. These are average high just enjoyment. I don't break down in front of people. God is horrible. I don't shower eat sleep. I can't move on constantly crying. I saw it on my work. Done on the weekdays though it's kind of like i can hide my depression for myself. Play the role of each. And yes she she. She acts as the therapist and she plays the role then. She subtitles it so it goes back and

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