Ryan Traci And Donald discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic


Damn sad your story. I'm good people. I was talking about my damn sad the whole time. She's had a whole workout. Don't feel healthy, so I'm good. Almost feels different. Donald is invincible to paint. Like if you had that injury that he had Ryan Traci Key You're not coming in to work. I'm not here right now. That happened on Saturday. I'm not here right now. Why? On Saturday, you wouldn't even be here for the next month. You'll be out for an entire buggery. You'd be asking your mom to get you some milk and some cookies. Put it in the microwave, the cookies and the milk and you'd be sitting there with a binky in your mouth in my grave the milk Sometimes you want some warm milk for the cookies? Oh, really? I personally don't do that. But some people met interesting, but that's what you would do because you would want Maybe something warm. You probably start saying that you got sick, too. Like you go from a rib injury to your throat Hurting so maybe you want something warm in your throat.

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