Airbnb cancels and blocks inauguration week reservations


Says it will cancel all reservations in the Washington D. C area during the week of President elect Joe Biden's inauguration and reimburse host what they would have made. Airbnb expense. This is an attempt to further prevent prevent further attacks at the Capitol one week after pro Trump supporters stormed the capital building, which resulted in five Yes. Joining us now. Chris Lahane, senior vice president for global policy and communications at Airbnb, So, Chris, you know not only are you canceling reservations. You're doing it at hope, Airbnb his expense and reimbursing them what they would have made if these days had happened, so this is a pretty dramatic move on your part. Who did you consult about this? And how did you come to this decision? Yeah, And I think thanks for having us, you know, a million years. I didn't think we'd be having this type of a conversation. You know, really? We've been consulting with local officials, Mayor's office, federal officials, members of Congress. Obviously, yesterday you had the two governors, governor of Maryland governor of Virginia. Also the mayor of Washington, D. C. All make really clear that they just did not want people traveling to Washington, D. C. We have a decision making framework that we call our stakeholder framework. We just really considered all the issues impacting our stakeholders. And one of those stakeholders are the communities that we're in. It just became really clear to us that the right thing to do here was to the block people traveling from to Washington, given all the guidance, given everything that's going on, given, frankly, the interest of our republic We certainly didn't want to make sure that our hosts who are going to be economically impacted are made whole and that is part of our stakeholder framework. But ultimately, this was pretty simple decision to prioritize. The public health and safety of particularly given the guidance that we were being given yesterday from those various leaders. Since then, the president has been impeached for the second time the first president ever to be impeached twice. You are also canceling reservations on hotel tonight. Haven't heard other hotels saying that they're gonna be canceling reservations. Do you think that they should be doing that? Great question. I'm pretty comfortable speaking about our decision making. Obviously, we'll let others make their decisions. Do believe that all of us? I tried thinking of Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural where, To paraphrase he talked about the fact we're all Democrats, for all Republicans mean that we're all Americans, and I do think we're all of the moment right now, where that really should be Our North star and got his start and that context really prioritizing trusted safety. I do think I'm like, you know something that you and I have talked about historically. This concept of stakeholder capitalism on making decisions that consider all those stakeholders and I do think maybe after some time passes, people will look back on this moment. And after I did some good has really come of it. But It's been interesting to see a number of other businesses on business leaders really standing up and making decisions that are prioritizing interest of the country. I do wonder if this will be one of those moments where People actually saw stakeholder capitalism in action and people actually playing action. Two words. We made the decision based on our application of that stakeholder framework and what we thought was in the best interest of the community. Now how much of the Virginia and Maryland suburbs do your cancelations include? And can you give us any idea how much this will cost Airbnb and whether you're you're potentially gonna make some a similar decisions. Another state capitals. Across the country, given the warnings from the FBI, great great questions. Let me try and take them individually. In terms of the geographic parameters. Horoscope. I'm sure you'll appreciate this. Uh, we are not looking to be able to give this specific. So anyone out there who is Looking to try to evade the systems that we have in place that the block calendars and block travel could take advantage of that. We're certain certainly applying this approach to the Greater D C area that metro area but have been pretty careful about not giving the details. Specifics really in an effort to make sure that people can't evade the The systems that we have in place. It's gonna impact, you know, roughly approximately 5500 reservations and in that area, but we also have signals allow us to be able to change his parameters pretty quickly if we feel like we need need to expand. You know, from a financial perspective, really? That never even came into the conversation. We've been removing violent extremists and you Nazis really dating back. Before Charlottesville in 2017. It's something that we've been doing on an UN going basis, and those conversations just never involved. How much is this gonna cost what the financial impact is going to be even in the case like that? Really was. What's the right thing to do? And I know that may sound trite, but it really was. I remember every conversation with Bryan or strike, Francesca. See, you know what it was? It asked. Let's make sure we're doing everything possible on Dever raised at all. You know what? Let's look at the financial impact was just do the right thing. And then as it regards out their capitals 100% right. Obviously, governments have issued warnings and The other day we announced they seven point plan that sort of helped address how we keep these specific types of folks off the platform. We have flexibility, adaptability toe. Move that around. We're certainly in contact with the different states and the different governments on

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