Alibaba founder Jack Ma is lying low for the time being, but he's not missing

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Stock just jumped five percent yesterday on word. Their ceo is not dead. Wow this year. The huge fundamental difference of doing business in china versus the united states. All right so jacqueline. You're talking here about the other jack jack. Ma former teacher present billionaire current location. Jack of jack ma. The former english teacher jack ma. He is a hard worker seventeen miles a day on a bike uphill to learn english. Both ways he also applied for job at kfc twenty three other people and he was the only one who didn't get the job. So what we're saying is jack. Ma falls off his bike. He gets back on the bike and then he founded alibaba twenty one years ago and that became the amazon of china. Now we mentioned jack mas hard working he actually evangelize is the nine nine six workweek which is nine. Am tonight pm. Six days a week for a total of seventy two hours and sounds absolutely awful opposite of the four day workweek way. Bigger the four day workweek knackers today. You could argue. That alibaba is more innovative. Then america's amazon. Yeah it's basically it's google. It's amazon it's fedex. It's pay pal all that rolled into one with a nice bow on an app alibaba stock however is down thirty percents since october on some really bizarre and kind of scary news all right. So this one's kind of strange. It all started back in october. When ant financial a different company the pay pal of china was prepping for the biggest. Ipo effort alibaba under the leadership of jack ma. They invested early in aunt group because they saw the need for digital payments in the ecommerce future so alibaba owned thirty percent of aunt. So anti peo- was going to be a big payday for alibaba. therefore jack ma. that's because aunt has one billion customers. They offer every financial service imaginable. He has eight. It's pretty much like the pizza hut buffet for fintechs picture. The little kale in between all the cottage is when jack ma made a fatal mistake he criticized. The chinese. Government does knackers in the us. You perfectly are allowed to criticize the government. Actually do it all the time. Even though you're not a huge fan of the damage that's okay not everyone's a fan of the dam and you're allowed to complain about the dmv because you are protected by the first amendment of the constitution freedom of speech though not a write in china. That's why it was a big deal in october. When jack ma at a conference during a speech criticized chinese regulators for stifling tech innovation with outdated regulation get this is the result the ant. Ipo that huge biggest ipo ever. It was blocked by authorities. And they called in jack ma for questioning they wanted to make an example of him speaking out against china so they actually ordered group to return to their payment origins. Because of what. Jack ma set and jack ma hasn't been seen in public since then and for good measure. The chinese government decided to launch an antitrust investigation against alibaba. After jack ma said what he said. Oh it's drop alibaba stock mar- oh and by the way w just told cnbc. Jack ma is alive. He's just laying low right now keeping a low profile. We're glad to hear that he's alive. But it's a little strange for a stock to jump because he's alive fleet

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