Tyler Perry’s absentee ballot never showed up, so he flew to Atlanta to vote


Tyler perry wanted to vote in yesterday's runoff so bad that he hopped on a jet and flew all the way to georgia in person to cast his ballot because his absentee ballot never showed up after no door to senate candidate received fifty percent of the vo in november. The racist runoffs. If you aren't aware tyler said he waited and waited for more than a month for his. Absentee ballot never came so he was in jackson hole. Wyoming hopped on. His private jet flew to georgia. He was there yesterday. The election The latest on the election. Reverend raphael warnock the senior pastor of that big ebeneezer baptist. Church in atlanta will officially be the first black senator from georgia. Cnn projected that early this morning. He is the first georgia democrat to the senate in twenty years. Now control of the senate comes down to republican david perdue who still trailing in his fight to keep his seat against democrat. Jon ossoff and this is big because democ democrats excuse me will control the senate if ossoff wins if purdue wins republicans will maintain control and able to block. President elect biden's cabinet appointments judicial picks and legislative agenda. So we're still waiting on those

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