What is a Golden Toilet Website and Could you Possibly have One with Steve Brown


What is a toilet site. And why i i mean. Everyone is listening rather listening in watching. It may have one of course. So some brian. I you know in the years that i've done this. I would have all these business owners come in today and say steve. I think we need help with our website. We need to redo our website. We need to show. I think we need show on social media. And and then i. I think we got to show up at the top of a search somewhere. Though what i realized was what they're really saying is look steve. My customers are expecting me to have a good online platform. I see a competitor's other brands really killing it and i feel compelled. I need to step up and transition from traditional marketing in the modern market. But i don't know where to start so being an entrepreneur. What's an entrepreneur. they're gonna do it anyway. They're gonna figure it out right and they were using the words. They had to tell me what the subtitle was on that on that foreign film they say website. But what they're really saying. Is i need figure out its platform thing because that's where a world is going but every day when you're called and someone calls and promises you that they can get you at the top of search and they're calling every day and you're seeing social media post your being brainwashed. Are you being framed. June the your perspective and expectations are being framed and one day. Just hit me that. I in a forty five minute conversation. You know when they say you gotta tell someone seven times before they hear what you're saying like what. I have seven minutes here and i can't have time. So how can i reframe their expectations. And so i would go brian. Look your website. Is just the toilet in that boston home of yours. You wouldn't buy home if it didn't have one right but when people come over where do you guys hang out in the kitchen around the fireplace around a patio. Look it's important but it's just one piece in an overall it makes a home and so the most absurd universal iconic somewhat humorous example of reframing your expectation of your website was to call it a golden toilet and it's it's the internal fuel fear that every business owner has is wasting money on something that won't work and you think of golden toilet golden toilet doesn't make flush any better. It doesn't improve the user experience. It's just a waste of money and so that's what we're wanting to avoid as business owners. So let's i want to get into this question. Because i had for the dance list but let me let me get into more d what you're talking about. So tell us the horror stories of holding onto the website. What do you mean by this concept where you're diving into like money. What what are the cost of holding onto that. Tell us about that so that people who who just maybe dive enter into website or people are telling them you know you didn't website. You know what what does that all entailing when we talk about cats. Yeah number. One would expect expectation right if you do ride the here's people are evaluating and judging you based on the information they find out about you. There's a a quote that says people have to buy you first before they buy what you do kate so a lot of people put a lot of focus on that website but the messaging could be all wrong. You remember that time you went and checked out a website and is like this clock's ticking down like a clock. That's that mom that's going to explode if you don't defuse it cape well that's what's going on your brain. Your brains go and brian how much longer we gonna waste here. Let's go don't and you're like no give me a minute. I gotta find it. It's around here somewhere. I know they have finally grain says. No we're out of here. Well you can have a pretty website but if it's A user experience adds frustrating. We've walked away from great websites ruthless without even caring and went to the competitors. Because we couldn't find something got frustrated. That's what's at stake here.

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