Ep. 268: Your Skin Barrier, Help for Sensitive Ears & The Weeks Beauty News

Fat Mascara


Alright kicking it off. what's up. it's jessica mountain. I am here as the co host of fat mascara. I'm jen sullivan. And is i might sound a little different. We had some technical difficulties joining about a half an hour late today. That's okay. I cannot find my mike. We have these tiny. Mike's if you remember from who do we record with who thought it was like a dog. The whole time we were trading. Tracee ellis ross. Thought that i had been like coddling a little poodle on my lap the entire interview and it was the poodle's tau i guess this would have been very still or i would have been like really holding down which we messed up but like hosa tail. The entire time was my mike. Mike with our wind jammer and so mine is missing like the person who's literally blaming the dog. The dog took it because it does look court sort of like a little plush toy anyway. So i'm recording without the mic on a different system and mop might be pop in our sound engineer reds. Probably gonna hate me but you guys can hear me and deal with it. Until i find my mic right. Is it too early to start being like. It's twenty one. If i laugh i'll cry. Okay so jen. What do we have cooking this episode. Lots of news. I feel like everybody waited over the hollow Holidays studies coming out science news retail news new lines. I've got lots of beauty news for you. Then we have a special segment brought to you by straight becton. Remember how we told you would always tell you when something is branded as an ad. This is a branded segment but we decided to work with dr exit again because we love their products and they have a new one and it fits in beautifully with gen science corner. So i'm very happy about that. Really cool man and just talk about. Why aren't years more a part of the beauty discussion. Because there's some ear issues going on. And i am obsessed with earrings right now but my ears are not complying with my new fashion. Obsession like a dermatological issue as well. So i'm sure i'll dermatology and beauty are colliding in one segment. So i hope you'll stick with us. Yeah and then we'll raise the wand and we'll be done with this thing and next week. I'll have a mike and sound much better. Thank you awesome. Let's get to it then dente in the news chair. It's gonna be fun. Get ready okay. Ct the whole thing is science core this this episode just gonna tell you lots

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