News of the World And Wonder Woman 1984



Welcome to film spotting with the chicago. Tribune's michael phillips. I'm josh larsen a happy new year to you michael to to josh. And how was downtown chicago treating you. This is your first new year in a new place to live this. Yeah it's been about six months since we've been down here but yeah the first official winter. The weather is pretty much the same as as in the chicago suburbs. I'd say in the winter Maybe a little milder down there. A little less wind than there is here. But yeah we're doing we're doing well. Thank you very much for filling in this week. I i'm guessing that adam is off really studying his movie trivia You were with us. Michael last weekend's trivia spotting contests his team. I'm afraid didn't fair too. Well and so i imagine he's. He's out there studying getting ready for our next show. How did your team fair reminding. I've been such as one once. You know what head on so many weeks ago now. And i've never come close since and i have to blame. You know all my teammates. Honestly i you know i. I wanted to stack the deck. So that all my incredible lack of knowledge on the marvel cinematic universe in the basically most of the star wars stuff would be plugged in by some of my cohorts now. Well i've only won once as well and i'm going to credit might teammates for that as as you saw this last week and i can tease adam but i failed spectacularly in the lightning round. I couldn't even pull the title of. It's a wonderful life out of my hat given the clue bedford falls and and of course it's a lightning around so everybody's watching it's live and it was a face plant. I'll i'll just say. I don't know if you've experienced this during trivia spotting but for those answers that are obvious i find. There's like a millisecond window where your brain knows it and if you don't blurt it out that window shots and that's right it's it's honestly no different. I just enough bad college theater to know just like forgetting your line. There is nothing in the world. You can't muscle it into existence of. It's not fair so yeah. If anyone wants to see me regularly embarrassed myself please do join us for our next trivia spotting event. That's available to our films biting family members on patriot so it is a new year michael even more than most though i think these first couple of weeks of twenty twenty one are still very much stock in the year. Twenty twenty the oscars. They've been pushed back from february to april this year and so several high profile titles are still coming to theaters The eligibility window has been opened so we have movies opening. Now that'll be considered for oscars. They're also coming on demand. Regina kings one night in miami. That's one that's coming to prime video this weekend made adams top ten list of really good really good. Yeah

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