Reflecting on President Trump's frenetic four years in the White House

Trump, Inc.


I spent over a year. Investigating trump organizations business deals in india. Where there were more trump rounded projects than any other foreign country. almost all of trump's business partners there had been investigated for money laundering. Bribery tax evasion and other violations for months poured through and multiple languages trying to pry information from actors and the notoriously secret world of global real estate and finance. And then just as i was wrapping up the trump team. Put it all out in the open. Don jr. was holding dinners in every indian city. With the trump project kolkata delhi mumbai. Anyone who saw the ad and had forty thousand dollars to spare for deposit. On trump branded apartment would get to meet the son of a sitting american president but and this is important because of lax disclosure rules. We still don't know who they are supposed to get by as well. But if i didn't i'd be the first person in the history of real estate to go meet with their bikes right. So that's the problem because my father happens to be in politics people of the future. I don't know of the seems normal to you. If it is happening in the future it started here in this time. Over two hundred years. After american democracy began this was the moment when it became just another day in washington when the president could directly profit from his position. And that's why these full page ads transmitted to me in living color via whatsapp early. In the trump administration belong in the time capsule.

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