A highlight from Episode 185: 8 Tools To Help You Grow Your Wedding Business Faster


Just like you build six-figure businesses working with their ideal clients without having to work all the damn time so many of us spend so much time working. And i am not about it. That's why i'm hosting wedding business. Ceo summit which actually is taking place next week as this comes out with toby. January twenty fifth through the twenty nineth and the goal of this summit is to help you go from overwhelmed and overworked to streamlined and more profitable than ever. 'cause we can't have the ceo going around being frazzled. And doing jobs that an admin assistant should be doing if you want to grow your business to six figures and beyond now of course that is a totally free event to attend. You have the option to purchase an all access pass and that all access pass comes with all of the presentations and you have ongoing access to this. You can access them whenever you like so no need to cram during the summit week you were also get tips for all the presentations to make it. Easier to scan. And you'll also get worksheets for all the presentations. You'll get access to three vip networking sessions that were doing during the summit and over four thousand dollars worth of speaker bonuses that are speakers have contributed bringing the total value of the all access. Pass to seven thousand dollars and you can pick it up right after you get your free ticket over at wedding business. Ceo summit dot com. Of course if you're listening to this like heidi m no quitter remember that. Shoot me a dm on instagram. And i would be happy to send that link to you. I'm evolve your wedding business over there now today. I wanted to talk about tools. This is something. I don't actually talk about a lot. But i thought it was pradeep. Perfect considering that we are just about to go into wedding business. Ceo summit and inevitably as the ceo of your business. You have to streamline you have to automate you have to take your time. Back and tools are big part of that so i wanna talk to you about eight different tools that can help you grow your business faster. Get your time back and be able to spend more time on those. Ceo level activities. That you as a ceo of your business should be spending your time sound. Good okay so. These are all different types of tools. All different types of functions. The first step is i'll planner now if you're not familiar with i'll planner is an all in one platform that really helps you.

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